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Phone snatching Phenomenon: Causes And Possible Solutions

By Lt Col Abubakar Abdullahi

Phone snatching is a form of theft where criminals steal mobile phones from individuals, often through acts of physical confrontation, intimidation, or stealth. Several factors contribute to the prevalence of phone snatching, including:

1. High street value – Mobile phones, especially smartphones, are considered high-value items that can be resold for a significant profit.

2. Easy accessibility – People tend to use their phones in public places, making them accessible targets for opportunistic thieves.

3. Quick resale – Stolen phones can often be sold quickly in black markets, online platforms, or overseas, where they can be unlocked and used by new owners.

4. Low-risk crime – Phone snatchers generally perceive their crime as having a low risk of being caught, as it’s quick and relatively easy to commit.

5. Poverty and unemployment – Economic hardships may drive people, particularly youth, towards criminal activities such as phone snatching as a means to generate income.

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6. Drug addiction – Some addicts may resort to stealing phones to fund their habits.

To address phone snatching, the following measures could be taken:

1. Public awareness – Launch campaigns to educate people on how to protect their mobile devices and what to do in case of theft.

2. Strong law enforcement – Strengthen law enforcement presence in high-risk areas and improve response times. Ensure that perpetrators are apprehended and prosecuted.

3. IMEI tracking and blocking – Promote the use of IMEI tracking and blocking by mobile operators to make stolen devices unusable, thus decreasing their resale value.

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4. Secure public spaces – Enhance security in public places through measures such as better lighting, surveillance cameras, and increased police patrols.

5. Personal responsibility – Encourage individuals to be more vigilant with their devices, avoid using them in unsafe situations, and follow basic security practices (e.g., using a password or fingerprint lock).

6. Report stolen devices – Encourage victims to report phone thefts to both the police and their mobile operators to swiftly block and track the stolen devices.

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7. Social development programs – Implement programs to alleviate poverty, create employment opportunities, and address addiction issues in communities to reduce the incentive for people to engage in phone snatching and other forms of crime.

Lt Col Abubakar Abdullahi, Abuja.
22 May 2023



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