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Gwaram Community Commends Governor Namadi’s Transformational Projects, Interventions

Umar Namadi, Jigawa state governor
Umar Namadi, Jigawa state governor

By Yunusa Hamza

The Gwaram Community Assembly (Inuwar Al’umma Karamar Hukumar Gwaram) has  extended its appreciation to the Governor of Jigawa State Malam Umar A. Namadi, for his unwavering commitment to the development and progress of our community.

The genuine, remarkable and transformative projects and interventions implemented by the current administration within less than a year (May 2023-March 2024) across various sectors have brought about significant improvements in the lives of our residents and the overall landscape of Gwaram.

We are particularly grateful for the impactful interventions, initiatives and projects which has resulted in remarkable advancements in infrastructure development, the intervention in Gwaram has begun by committing over N500,000,000 (cumulative) in the 2024 budget for the construction of the township at Basirka town coupled with the provision of an additional  N1,000,000,000, for the continuation of the Gwaram-Basirka roads which attracts a lot of social and economic factors to our people, likewise, the provision of the rehabilitation of the bridges, drainages, culverts and erosion control at Sara, Farin Dutse,Tsangarwa, Jingino, Gwaram and Kila stood as a very good opportunity to our people and it will improve transportation networks and accessibility within our local government area.

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It is also a history in making as the current administration has made adequate provisions and even commenced a feasibility study on revamping and reengineering the Electricity power supply of the entire Fagam constituency which was cut off from electricity for over twenty years (20 years) which will in turn enhanced the quality of life for residents and businesses alike.

The present administration’s investment in water supply projects across our LGA is highly appreciated as we witness remarkable improvement in the provision made in repairing and the reticulation and conversion of essential water facilities leading to improved access to clean and reliable water sources in some of our communities, in addition to the drilling of more boreholes and water treatment facilities which have addressed the long-standing issue of water scarcity in most of our affected communities.

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One major area that we so much commend His Excellency’ effort is the in the intervention on Healthcare services and uptake Gwaram General Hospital and the commissioning of a private Health institution which signifies his commitment to promoting the health and education system in the area, we appreciate his Excellencies coming, the commissioning, and the visit to Gwaram General Hospital including the matching order to ensure proper staffing and adequate facilities and utilities are provided for improved access to quality healthcare for residents, we did also appreciate the powerful delegation of His Excellencies’ under the leadership of the Honourable Commissioner Ministry of Higher Education who led the Federal Ministry of Education official for sightseeing of the proposed temporary and permanent site of the NEWLY assigned Federal University of Health Sciences which attests Governor Namadi’s show of love and development of Gwaram Local Government and its’ people,

Agriculture remains a vital aspect of our community’s economy, and the current administration’s attention and intervention have revitalized the sector as the focus on youth empowerment programs, skills acquisition initiatives, and vocational training has provided opportunities for our youth to gain valuable skills and secure meaningful employment within the shortest period as well as support for agricultural programs and the provision of agricultural inputs including the distribution of fertilizers, improved seeds, and agricultural machinery, farmers in Gwaram have experienced increased productivity and improved livelihoods and have boosted farming activities and enhanced confidence to our local farmers that the mantra for obtaining maximal food security in our communities is guaranteed.

Conclusively, we at Gwaram Community Assembly (Inuwar Jama’ar Alumma Karamar Hukumar Gwaram) do most sincerely appreciate the commitment shown to inclusive governance and grassroots engagement which ensured that the voices of our people are heard and considered in decision-making processes coupled with the appointment of qualified indigenes of Gwaram Local Government Area into various key government and political positions demonstrates his Excellencies dedication to promoting local talent and leadership.

His Excellency, dedication to the well-being and prosperity of the Gwaram Local Government Area has not gone unnoticed. The positive impact of his administration’s policies and projects is felt daily by our residents, and we are grateful for his continued efforts to uplift our community.

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Finally, we urge and invite all residents and well-meaning sons and daughters of Gwaram and stakeholders to join us in celebrating the achievements made possible through Governor Umar Namadi’s FCA’s intervention. Let us continue to support and collaborate with the government as we envisage a brighter and more prosperous future for Gwaram and its residents. Sincerely.

Yunusa Hamza (Tafidan Farin Dutse)
Pro-tem-Chairman Gwaram Community Assembly
(Inuwar Jama’ar Alumma Karamar Hukumar Gwaram) writes from Farin Dutse , Kofar Fada in Gwaram Local Government Jigawa state 08034445493



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