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The Cost of Incompetence in governance, A wake-up call to Governors

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By Yusuf Auwal Saleh Lulu

In the intricate dance of governance, the appointment of key officials holds the power to shape destinies and professional service. However, when political expediency trumps competence, the consequences can be dire.

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This seems to be the case of many appointments for chief executive officers even for critical professional organisations in the Heath, media and educational sector in most states in Nigeria. This appointment of incompetence tenure, embodies a stark lesson in the perils of appointing leaders devoid of expertise and integrity.

Handling the reins of authority with little regard for meritocracy, lead to character flaws that quickly come to the fore.

Most of these kinds of appointments are characterised by selfishness, total incompetence to handle or administer professional tasks assigned and driven a voracious greed for personal enrichment, the ill-suited for the weighty responsibilities entrusted turns vaque and rather than stewarding the organization with wisdom and vision, they mostly embarked on a reckless pursuit of quick riches, heedless of the long-term repercussions.

Compounding their incompetence was a glaring lack of proficiency in the field they are appointed to oversee. With scant knowledge of the subject matter, they stumbled through unknown duties, leaving chaos and disarray in his wake.

Most of the organizations where these kinds of appointments are done, are those meant to be a beacon of hope, progress and some even a fighting tool under the government’s auspices, languished under these kind of misguided leadership.

Despite mounting evidence of their ineptitude, with lust most governors remained oblivious and lost to love shadows for their appointees and to the havoc wrought by these kinds of ill-conceived appointments.

While some are Blinded or blindfolded to the damages inflicted upon the organization and the broader community.

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Oftentimes, most governors turned a blind eye to the signs of impending disaster. Ignoring all signs with complacency shields these kinds of appointments, either from accountability point of view, to subject proficiency and capabilities, prolonging the suffering of those affected by the illusions of their mismanagement.

Yet, time is a relentless arbiter of truth. As the days pass and these kinds of stoothed leadership’s failures become increasingly apparent, the veil of deception woven by political expediency, will inevitably fray.

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There will be a time that it will be too late to reverse these kinds of damage wrought by their misplaced trust with a lot of repercussions.

In the annals of governance, the cautionary tale of a selfish, impatient, and greedy leadership may serve as a poignant reminder of the imperative to uphold principles of meritocracy, professionalism, commitment and integrity in service.

For, in the absence of such virtues, the dreams of progress and prosperity risk being dashed upon the rocks of incompetence and folly.

Just because incompetence is elevated.


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