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Kano Pillars: On the Verge of Relegation Again?

By Nura Garba Sabonsara

As the Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) 2023/2024 season unfolds, Kano Pillars find themselves in a precarious position, despite holding the 8th spot on the league table with 41 points. On the surface, this might seem like a decent position, but beneath lies a series of crises that threaten the club’s stability.

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Kano Pillars, a team deeply entrenched in the hearts of the people of Kano, holds a unique status in Nigerian football. Yet, recent events have cast doubts on their future in the league. Despite a promising start to the season where they occupied the 3rd position, the team has encountered a harsh reality check.

For the first time in its history since establishment in 1990, Kano Pillars faced back-to-back home losses in a single season, a stunning defeat against Abia Warriors followed by a recent upset against Shooting Stars of Ibadan on Monday, 8th April, 2024. These losses, coupled with a humiliating 5-0 defeat by Enyimba, paint a troubling picture.

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While some attribute these setbacks to the challenges of Ramadan fasting affecting the players, others argue that this explanation falls short because the team has been playing in this situation for many years. Why now?. The root of Pillars’ problems lies deeper, starting from the inability to secure key signings and a lack of strong financial backing.

Recruitment primarily from local talent pools received mixed reactions. While some praised the emphasis on nurturing grassroots talent, others feared the consequences of inexperience, a concern that seems to be materializing now.

Moreover, the team’s financial woes, compounded by fines imposed due to fan misconduct, further exacerbate the situation.

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Similarly, some close government allies and individuals are forcing the technical crew to recruit their players irrespective of whether they are competent or not, a development that has angered many fans of the club.

Many players seem motivated solely by personal career advancement rather than team success, raising questions about commitment and morale.

Additionally, scheduling matches during Ramadan, though a longstanding practice, has never before yielded such dismal results.

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With relegation looming just 8 points away, urgent action is imperative. The government, alongside club officials, must step in decisively to address these issues. Ignoring the plight of Kano Pillars risks tarnishing the state’s football legacy irreparably.

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In conclusion, Kano Pillars stand at a critical juncture. Without swift intervention and a concerted effort to rectify underlying problems, the club faces the grim prospect of relegation once again.

Written by Nura Garba Sabonsara s Kano based sports analyst. For inquiries, he can be reach through; [email protected]



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