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Aniebonam’s Deceit, Misrepresentation AND False Claims Over NNPP

The New New Nigeria People’s Party (NNPP) is compelled to address the nefarious activities of Chief Boniface Aniebonam, a former member of the party who has since been expelled.

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It is pertinent to state that his expulsion, along with some of his co-travellers, was due to overbearing tendencies which were inimical to the overall interest and growth of the party. Of course, the expulsion followed due democratic process.

Ladipo Johnson Esq. National Publicity Secretary, NNPP made this known in a statement.

He said since then, Aniebonam and others have instituted a number of cases to challenge the party’s decisions particularly on their expulsion. They have also asked the court to compel INEC to recognize them as “the authentic” NNPP.

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He however said, it is on record that all such legal actions have failed, and the various courts have decided in favour of the NNPP as a political party, under the able leadership of Dr Ahmed Aduji.

Expectedly, he maintained that the logical step for Aniebonam and his co-travelers would have been to appeal the court judgements against them but rather they have resorted to utter blackmail, deceit and outright false misrepresentation of the issues.

He noted that the party has to put the record straight so that the general public can duly realize and know that contrary to such sensational media orchestrations in recent times by Aniebonam and Co, they are merely misleading the public by injecting sentiments into a pure matter of law and constitutionalism.

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“Now, Aniebonam is claiming sole ownership of the party but this is not true and neither is it a legal possibility. The constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria is clear on party ownership and membership; a party cannot be owned by an individual, but a collective of individuals. To that extent, his claim of sole ownership of the NNPP and his arbitrary dispositions even to the extent of singlehandedly purporting to override decisions of the National Working Committee (NWC) and National Executive Committee (NEC) while he was still in the party, is a misnomer and part of the recurring issues that led to his expulsion by a well constituted disciplinary committee, NWC and NEC as stipulated in the party’s constitution.”

“NNPP wishes to let the public know that Aniebonam’s expulsion and that of his co travellers, together with issues bordering on the legality of the organs and actions of the party, have been tested and validated in the law courts. In Suit No FHC/AWK/50/2023 BONIFACE ANIEBONAM & 6 ors vs SEN RABI’U MUSA KWANKWASO & 10 ors; Suit No FHC/ABJ/CS/1352/2023 NNPP VS9 INEC; also in Suit No FHC/ABJ/CS/1204/2023 DADA OLAYINKA OLABODE & ANOR vs. NNPP & 4 ors amongst other cases filed, the courts have thrown out their prayers and contentions. These matters are internal affairs of the party and that is why the courts and INEC have not recognized their antics.”

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“INEC as we all know oversaw our recent NEC and convention, as with those in the past, in spite of Aniebonam’s antics and false claims. The refrain that the NNPP certificate of registration is with Aniebonam is nothing but self delusion and indeed untenable regarding the ownership of the party where the overriding majority as stakeholders have taken decisions at conventions and will always be recognized as such as the legal entity.”

The Lawyer further said, “but having watched over time, we are coming to the realization that these former members seem to be propelled by pecuniary motives and are possibly being dictated to by external political forces bent on destroying the NNPP as a prominent opposition party in the country. IT’S ALL POLITICS! Otherwise, one wonders why they openly declared that Governor Abba Yusuf was not a member of the NNPP, during his Supreme Court case. It is also curious that they are wont to name APC’s Abdullahi Ganduje as their hero to spite the party during their repeated media mudslinging.”

He noted that “We want to address these issues so that the public will not be further misled to believe the false narrative by these former members. This is important because when such falsehood is repeatedly propagated in the media, there is the tendency to believe them.”

Ladipo Johnson Esq. revealed that the issue of the hijacking of the party as raised does not even arise, adding that  It is a collective ownership based on shared values and as such, no one is above the constitution no matter his or her position. The recourse to misbehavior or lack of integrity can never be condoled nor would any arbitrary behavior on the part of any leader or member be tolerated.

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“The party , under Dr Ahmed Aduji remains committed to selfless service to the masses across the country and no amount of deceit, false accusation, misrepresentation, mudslinging or innuendos by Aniebonam & Co can ever stop us from performing our present role as a viable opposition party, with the welfare of the masses at heart.” He further revealed


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