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Fight Against Human Trafficking: NACTAL Rejoices With NAPTIP on 20-Year-Anniversary

Mr Abdulganiyu, National President, NACTAL

The Network Against Child Trafficking, Abuse and Labour an NGO has congratulated NAPTIP on its 20 year anniversary fighting counter trafficking in the country.

National President of the Network, Mr Abdulganiyu Abubakar disclosed this in a statement.

Read details of the statement…

DATE: 30TH JULY. 2023.

Theme: Reach every victim of trafficking, leave no one behind
1. The tagline “Leave no one behind” was the guiding principle of world leaders of 193 countries including Nigeria adopted in 2015 by United Nations for Sustainable Development Goals in solving the most pressing problems today including Trafficking in Persons as stated in SDG 16.2.

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2. Interestingly, the theme for commemoration of 2023 World Day against Trafficking in Persons “Reach every victim of trafficking, leave no one behind underscores the need for stakeholders in the fight against human trafficking to prioritize victims’ rehabilitation and reintegration with a focus on trauma counseling, empowerment, family engagement and reunification for sustainable reintegration and prevention of trafficking.

3. As the world commemorates the TIP day, it is very important to understand the statistical representation of victims of human trafficking by TIP organizations for proper planning, programme design and implementation of human trafficking projects and interventions. Though there are many estimates of trafficking prevalence cited by various sources, the most commonly used and widely recognized prevalence estimate was published in 2017 by the International Labour Organization (ILO). It is estimated that there 24.9 million victims of TIP worldwide including victims of sex trafficking or commercial sexual exploitation and forced labour exploitation respectively. Of this statistics, 20.1 million are victims of labour trafficking while 4.8 million are victims of sex trafficking respectively.

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4. Though, Governments and non-state actors both at the International and national levels across the globe have continued to work together assiduously to stem the tides of TIP, but emerging global crises including climate change, insecurity, high inflation and financial shocks as well as COVID 19 pandemic have left millions of people at risk of human trafficking which calls for a more responsive approach to preventing, suppressing and punishing TIP.

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5. Of course, there are established international and national frameworks in the fight against TIP which include both legal and institutional frameworks, there is need for improved partnership between the state and non-state actors particularly at the National and Subnational levels to deliver effective care and support services to victims of human trafficking through a well coordinated approach that would guarantee the rights of victims, improve their quality of life and prevent been re-trafficked by human traffickers.

6. NACTAL as a anti-trafficking CSOs network with 288 members across Nigeria, would like to commend and appreciate the efforts of all our partners both existing and new ones including European Union, Expertise France, FIIAPP, IOM, UNODC, Palladium, USAID and many others for your technical and financial support to NACTAL over the years in the fight against human trafficking in Nigeria and West African sub region respectively.

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7. We are also using this opportunity to congratulate NAPTIP the leading government agency in Nigeria in the fight against human trafficking as she celebrates 20th year anniversary of the agency in counter trafficking efforts. We look forward to a better working relationship with the agency in the years ahead.

8. We identify with all victims of TIP as we commemorate the World Day against Trafficking in Persons 2023 and we promise our continuous support towards a TIP free Nigeria.

9. Wishing all TIP actors a successful WDATIP commemoration event

Mr. Abdulganiyu Abubakar
National President
Network Against Child Trafficking, Abuse and Labour



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