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Federal Fire Service Laments Deplorable Condition of Western Bypass Kaduna

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The deplorable condition of the federal highway (western-bypass Kaduna) has a pressing issue that is causing major disruptions in traffic flow and posing significant risks to public safety.

Truck drivers are being forced to divert through the city, resulting in incessant traffic hold-ups and a surge in accidents.

The deteriorating state of the western-bypass federal highway Kaduna is a direct consequence of years of neglect and insufficient maintenance. Potholes, cracks, and uneven surfaces have become rampant, making it increasingly treacherous for vehicles, especially heavy trucks, to navigate safely.

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The lack of proper signage and road markings further exacerbates the problem, leading to confusion and an increased likelihood of collisions.

As truck drivers are left with no choice but to find alternative routes through the city, congestion becomes a daily occurrence on all the major roads connecting to the city center from command junction to Ahmadu Bello way, independent way etc.

Vehicles of all sizes, including cars, buses, and motorcycles, are caught in endless queues, leading to frustrating delays and productivity losses. This gridlock also places additional strain on emergency response services, hindering their ability to reach critical situations promptly.

Usman M. Sadiq  Deputy Controller of Fire
Ag. State Controller Kaduna State Command in a statement on Sunday however  said the constant heavy traffic flow within the city poses significant dangers to pedestrians and cyclists who are forced to share the already congested roads.

He further said accidents involving these vulnerable road users have seen a sharp increase, resulting in injuries and even fatalities.

He stated that lack of proper infrastructure and the absence of dedicated lanes or pathways for pedestrians and cyclists only exacerbate their vulnerability.

“It is unfortunate to hear that there were 6 truck/tanker accidents within the city centre due to the bad road conditions of the Western bypass in 2023. This further emphasizes the need for immediate repairs and improvements to ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians. It would be beneficial to share this information with local authorities, transportation agencies, and relevant stakeholders to increase awareness and prioritize the necessary repairs.”

“Additionally, exploring temporary measures, such as implementing traffic management strategies or alternative routes, could help alleviate the risks and prevent further accidents until the road is repaired.

“Additionally, implementing measures to redirect truck traffic away from the city centre and onto alternative routes or restrict their movement to a specific time when markets, filling stations and inflow of cars have closed or reduced significantly could help mitigate the risks and prevent further accidents until the road is repaired.

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“It is crucial for the authorities to address the dire condition of the western-bypass federal highway urgently.

“Immediate measures should include conducting thorough inspections, identifying areas of concern, and initiating necessary repairs. It is also essential to improve road maintenance practices to prevent future deterioration and ensure the longevity of the highway’s infrastructure.

“Efficient coordination between government agencies, including the Department of Transportation such as Federal Road Safety Corp, KASTELA, local municipalities, Federal Fire Service, State Fire Service and law enforcement, is paramount in addressing this issue.” He further stated.

He pointed out that collaborative efforts and timely communication can help expedite repair work and facilitate the implementation of temporary traffic control measures to minimize disruptions during the repair process.

Usman Muhammad stressed that Investing in the improvement of the federal highway not only benefits the trucking industry but also the entire community.

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He noted that by providing a safe and well-maintained road network, traffic congestion can be reduced, accidents can be minimized, and the overall efficiency of transportation can be enhanced.

He noted that it is crucial for stakeholders to recognize the urgency of this matter and prioritize the rehabilitation of the federal highway as a vital component of public safety and economic development.

“Absolutely! Addressing the deplorable condition of the bad federal highway as soon as possible is crucial for the safety and convenience of the public. By taking proactive measures and following the steps mentioned earlier, authorities can expedite the repair process and minimize disruptions.”

“This will not only improve the condition of the road but also enhance the overall transportation infrastructure for everyone’s benefit.

He added that part of the effort to bring an end to this unwanted situation we are appealing to Kaduna state government to intervene and expedite the repair process.

He revealed that it is important to communicate the concerns of the public and highlight the impact that the bad road has on their safety, convenience, and overall quality of life. By working together with the government, there’s a higher chance of finding a solution and getting the necessary resources allocated towards addressing the problem.”

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“Absolutely! It is crucial for the federal government to address this issue of bad roads as a matter of urgency. They should ensure that the contractors responsible for the repairs are held accountable and are actively working to bring an end to this situation.”

“The government should allocate the necessary resources and monitor the progress closely to ensure that the repairs are carried out effectively and in a timely manner. By taking proactive action, the government can help alleviate the inconvenience and safety risks caused by bad roads, ultimately improving the quality of life for the public.”  He emphasized


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