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Honoring Heroes: International Firefighters’ Day and a Call to Action in Kaduna

Justice Watch News Sadiq

By UM. Sadiq

Today, on Post International Firefighters Day, as we celebrate the unwavering courage and dedication of the firefighters who risk their lives to protect our communities. Here in Kaduna state, we equally extend a special salute to the brave men and women of the Federal Fire Service, Kaduna Command.

These firefighters stand on the front lines, facing danger head-on during emergencies and disasters. They are our first responders, the ones we call upon when flames engulf homes, accidents unfold, or lives hang in the balance. Their selfless service deserves our deepest gratitude and unwavering support.

Federal Fire Service, Kaduna state command are champion of safety taken into consideration our outstanding performance from 2018-2023.

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The Federal Fire Service, Kaduna State Command, has served as a vital pillar of safety and security for the state over the past 5 years (2018-2023). Their unwavering dedication and operational excellence have resulted in a significant reduction in fire incidents and a swifter response to rescue operations, positively impacting Kaduna’s economic and security landscape.

In the areas of Firefighting, even though our work is facing some critical operational challenges that are seriously affecting our core primary functions, we however managed to saved properties from getting destroyed by fire worth N2.9B from total number of 272 fire outbreaks experienced from the last 5 years (2018-2023). We equally intensified our efforts in ensuring that the fire incidents reduce significantly through public awareness campaigns and proactive fire safety inspections. We carried a wide range of campaigns ranging from Radio Interview, TV interview, Road show, Stakeholders engagement, school outreach programmes etc.

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To minimize properties damage and a better chance of life preservation, the Federal Fire Service, Kaduna state command adopted ‘Swifter Response Times’ to emergencies by establishing additional fire outpost in Unguwan Dosa, Rigachikum, Sabon Tasha and Sabon Garin Zaria in addition to our state command office located at Federal Secretariat Kawo, Kaduna to enable quick access to our stations for rapid response. We maintained 20 minutes response time to emergency provided the distress call is placed in time and there are no other uncontrollable obstacles.

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In terms of Rescue Operations, even though we are facing some critical challenges of inadequate provision of specialize rescue equipment that will allow us to handle a wider range of emergencies such as building collapse and flooding, the service managed to have some basic tools in that regard.

Another important landmark achieved by the Federal Fire Service, Kaduna state command over the last 5 years (2018-2023) was the number of Lives Saved from fire and other related emergencies. It is on record that 131 people were saved from 272 fire incidents, 65 people from building collapse and 98 people from flooding over the last 5 years (2018-2023). No doubt, these numbers solidified our impact in Kaduna state.

Our dedication and due diligence in discharging our duties in Kaduna state have positively impacted in both the Economic and Security situation of the state. This giant stride can be seen in Reduced Business Disruptions, by effectively containing fires and safeguarding businesses from devastating losses. Our efforts in this direction have fostered a more stable economic environment, encouraging investment and job creation in the state.

In the area of Infrastructures Protection, our prompt responses to emergencies like electrical fires or gas leaks prevent damage to critical infrastructure, ensuring the smooth functioning of essential services.

Regarding our strength in Kaduna state, the command has 238 fire fighters spread across the 4 stations within Kaduna Metropolis and Sabon Garin Zaria, we have in place 3 sophisticated fire appliances in Federal Secretariat, Kawo, Sabon Tasha under Chikum Local Government and Sabon Garin Zaria, we equally have 2 modern Ambulances in Kaduna North and Zaria Local Government, we have 2 water tankers in Kaduna North and Zaria respectively, to enhanced public safety. It is quite impressive to note that a well-equipped and responsive Fire Service fosters a sense of security among residents. Knowing they have a reliable emergency response system in place allows people to go about their daily lives with greater peace of mind.

The Kaduna Federal Fire Service’s achievements over the last 5 years are a testament to their commitment to safeguarding Kaduna. Continued support from the government and the public will ensure they have the resources to maintain our operational excellence, fostering a safer and more prosperous Kaduna for all.

Despite all these mentioned above, the Federal Fire Service Kaduna state command is currently facing significant challenges in fulfilling its critical role. A lack of essential resources hinders our ability to respond swiftly and effectively.It is on this note that we call the Kaduna State Government for action to support our course.

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We urge the Kaduna State Government to consider us as an integral institution significantly tied to the overall success of the state, therefore prioritizing us among major stakeholders to be supported in catering for our well-being and operational capacity. We call for urgent support in the following areas:

Adequate Fueling: Firefighting vehicles without fuel are rendered useless. Ensuring a consistent fuel supply is crucial for immediate response times.
Functional Office

Accommodation: A proper workspace fosters communication, training, and overall efficiency. The Fire Service needs a suitable headquarters to operate effectively.

Critical Rescue Equipment: Modern firefighting necessitates specialized equipment. Providing the Fire Service with the necessary tools like hoses, ladders, and rescue gear will enhance their ability to save lives.

Essential Safety Gear: The safety of the firefighters themselves is paramount. Ensuring they have proper protective equipment like fireproof suits, helmets, and breathing apparatus is vital.

By addressing these needs, the Kaduna State Government can support the Federal Fire Service, Kaduna state command to fulfill its mission and safeguard the lives and property of Kaduna residents.

A Call to the People of Kaduna:

We also appeal to the good people and capable hands of Kaduna state to support the Federal Fire Service, Kaduna state command as we are dedicated to serving our community.

We are also calling unto the good people of Kaduna state to attach significant importance to ‘Fire Safety Awareness.’ People need to put on extra effort in educating themselves and their families about fire prevention measures. Simple steps like installing smoke detectors and having a fire escape plan can make a critical difference.

Community Support: If you have the means, consider donating essential supplies or volunteering your time to support the Fire Service.

Together, through the combined efforts of the Kaduna State Government, the Federal Fire Service, and the people of Kaduna state, we can create a safer and more resilient community.

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Let us honor our firefighters not just with words today, but with actions that empower them to continue their vital service.

Remember, a well-equipped and supported Fire Service is a safer Kaduna for everyone!

A piece written by the State Controller, Deputy Controller of Fire UM. SADIQ in charge of Federal Fire Service, Kaduna state command to mark today 4th May 2024 being International Fire Fighters Day.


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