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Empowering Inmates in Kano Correctional Centres for Rehabilitation and Livelihood Gains

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By Musbahu Lawan K Nassarawa

Correctional Centres in Kano state are empowering inmates not only to become law-abiding citizens, but to earn a living through the skills and vocations they have learned while in custody.

The ancient city of Kano is known as the Centre of Commerce. People from all walks of life visit Kano to buy and sell. Hence, one can take advantage of the boisterous city to make a living, especially when equipped with sellable skills.

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Deriving from this, Custodial Centres in Kano are engaging inmates in different handworks, skill acquisition and other vocations as well as trades.

Through the various skills acquisition programmes, majority of the inmates become productive to themselves, their families and the society at large.

It is worthy of note that many inmates are catering for their families and dependents right from the confines of the custodial centres.

A lot of them pay their children’s school fees, pay house rents for their families, and also provide the basic needs of their family members.

The Nigerian Correctional Service Kano state command is not reneging on its efforts towards empowering inmates through behavior modification as well as vocational skills acquisition for them to become responsible members of the society.

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To complement this effort, these inmates when discharged, are provided with aftercare materials by the Controller General of Corrections (CGC), for them to properly reintegrate back to the society without hassles.

Among the skills and trades available in Custodial Centres in the command include the production of local hand fans meaning( MUFICE) which has attracted high patronage from members of the public, as people come from different places within and outside Kano to purchase the craft which is traditionally used for turbaning ceremonies, marriage ceremonies, child naming ceremonies etc.

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The Command appreciates the patronage from the good people of Kano State and those who come from outside the state to patronize different products made by inmates of our Custodial Centres.

Likewise, the inmates themselves are happy because majority of them are benefiting from the skills they learned in custody.

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The Nigerian Correctional Service Act 2019 provides inmates the opportunity to enroll in formal and informal educational programmes as well as other programmes towards their empowerment.

SC Musbahu Lawan K/Nassarawa is Corrections Public Relations Officer, (CPRO) Kano state command



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