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Reviving Academia: Addressing Neglect and Deterioration at YUMSUK


Following a series of submissions by the Yusuf Maitama Sule University Branch to the State Government regarding its members’ demands, and the Kano State Government’s (KNSG) failure to implement the agreement reached with the Union, The branch has resolved to engage the media to inform the general public about a looming crisis.

This action aims to raise awareness and prompt a response to the issues at hand.

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In a statement jointly signed by Comrade Mansur Sai’d Ph.D. Chairman and his Secretary, Comrade Yusuf Ahmed Gwarzo Ph.D said the press release primarily addressing three pivotal issues in ASUU YUMSUK’s struggle: Enhancing Conditions of Service for its members, boosting and hastening the University’s growth through sustainable funding, and Strengthening and protecting University Autonomy and Academic Freedom.

.Condition of Service: The branch demands the immediate payment of the outstanding Earned Academic Allowance (EAA), totaling One hundred AND seventy-eight million, seven hundred AND five thousand, seven hundred AND thirty-five naira and ninety-one kobo (₦178,705,735.91) Only.

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They noted that “general public may wish to note that recently the Union reached an agreement with KNSG In which it Promised to pay this sum in four installments starting from April 2024. However, to our dismay, there has been no release for the first installment to date.”

In the statement, the Union also demanded the payment of the outstanding Consequential Adjustment Arrears, which stand at one hundred and eleven million, three hundred and twenty-one thousand, seven hundred and ninety-two naira; eighteen kobo (₦111,321,792.18) only.

Furthermore, the Union is requesting the implementation of the newly-approved Consolidated Universities Academic Salary Structure II (CONUASS II), with an effective date set for January 1, 2023.

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The Union further said, this salary increase has already been implemented in all Federal Universities.

“We communicated this to KNSG, but there has not been any positive response regarding implementation.

In relation to the conditions of service, the Union requests the payment of a provisional Wage Award of ₦35,000 for six months, approved by the Federal Government.

“The general public may wish to know that civil servants of the state were already paid this provisional award by the KNSG for two months.”.

However, added that the members of Union and supporting staff on the University are yet to receive a single kobo.

Furthermore, they revealed that “we request the Government to expedite action towards completing ongoing projects by the state government.

” We also Request the State government to supplement TETFUND funding for academic staff training.

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They maintained that the branch observed that funding has been a major challenge for the University since its inception, as budgetary appropriations for capital projects have never been fully released;

They pointed out Budgetary Performance was just 46% in 2023.

They implored the Visitor to improve University funding. University Autonomy and Academic Freedom

The Union urgently called for the reconstitution of the University Governing Council.

” We emphasize the strategic importance, as per the law, of the University Governing Council and the extent to which its absence undermines the University administration.

“ASUU YUMSUK urged the Visitor to the University to intensify efforts in resolving these brewing issues in the interest of industrial harmony.” They further maintained



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