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SWAN 2023: Malikawa denies bringing SWAN back to NUJ if elected

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The Presidential Candidate, Sports Writers Association of Nigeria, (SWAN) Lurwanu Idris Malikawa has denied the rumour peddling that he will bring back the Association to Nigeria Union of Journalists, (NUJ) if elected.

Mr. Malikawa made this known through his DG campaign team, Abdulgafar Oladimeji in a statement, issued  to celebrate Muslims within the sports family and beyond.

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He said the attention of his team has been drawn to the continuous campaign of calumny against SWAN Presidential candidate, Lurwanu Idris Malikawa Garu by some faceless individual or group of persons, damaging his reputations he built in the sports cycle over the years.

“We have refused to encourage indulgence in meaningless rantings and blackmail all in the greed to seize power.” He also said

He further said “It is crucial to always set the records straight and also help sustain the sacredness of facts, most importantly , when mischief makers and fifth columnist are at work,”

“It’s unfortunate that smear campaigns often rely on the use of false or misleading statements to undermine Malikawa Garu’s reputation.”

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Oladimeji urged members of the Association to critically evaluate every sort of  information and have insight of Malikawa’s pedigree

The DG lamented the continued use of words by some  members who engaged in blackmailing in the greed to seize power.

“Malikawa will return SWAN back to NUJ, Malikawa held a secret meeting with the leadership of NUJ, Malikawa is a boy to former NUJ president and Kano state commissioner for information, comrade Mohammed Garba and he will return SWAN to NUJ”

“We have continue to avoid joining issues with the sponsors of this smear campaign, however, if they do not refrain from this devilish style of politicking , we would not hesitate to join issues with them and ensure we inflict grevious political injuries on their character, no matter how highly placed they may be on the hierarchy of our association,” he stressed

“He who alleges carries the burden of prove, we challenge those peddling this lies to come forward with evidence, on when and where, Alhaji Malikawa held such meeting as being alleged”

“The statement, Malikawa will return SWAN back to NUJ” is ridiculous and shameful, though prompts our reasoning to ask some critical questions.”

Oladimeji noted that on  the height of the crisis between SWAN President and NUJ President, SWAN Kano chapter remain till date the only state chapter that suspended a former National Officer, for joining the splinter group led by late Ahmed Aigbona.

Further noted that, SWAN Kano chapter all through the turbulent times, remained steady under the leadership of Malikawa and his team, despite all efforts invested to weaken the state chapter, SWAN Kano under Malikawa swallowed the tides and kept the Kano front in good shape.

“We make bold to state that, investigations revealed that states like Rivers and Kaduna are battling with opposition forces within, SWAN Kano is sound and healthy, free from internal rancour, thanks to the visionary leadership of Lurwanu Idris Malikawa.

He stressed that no doubt , Kano journalists are proud to be associated with comrade Mohammed Garba, two term NUJ president with back logs of achievements.

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“Now to the mischief makers, saying Malikawa , would rely on the instructions from comrade Mohammed Garba to pilot the affairs of SWAN, if elected as SWAN National President, this is outright spread of mischief.  While serving as commissioner for information, comrade Garba had never interfered in the affairs of SWAN, if what is been peddled is true, why is it that, NUJ Kano, Correspondent Chapel, NAWOJ benefitted immensely from Kano state government, i.e donation of buses , for example and SWAN Kano chapter did not benefit, meaning, if what, we understand as Mohammed Garba boys been spread by our aggressors is so, better go and find more germane point. Better go find a better offer, in a comic workshop or revisit your SWAN electoral soothsayer”

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“We are committed to issues based discussions, Welfare and Professionalism. Which is our campaign cradle, we are committed and dedicated towards delivering on our camping promises, if Malikawa is elected as the next SWAN National President.”

The DG urged SWAN members to remain dedicated and focused at this critical time in the history of the association.

“We must be bold enough to gallantly in the spirit of equity, justice and fairness, arise , when it matters to say no to any mortal that has no soul, in this movement.” He noted.



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