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EXCLUSIVE! Sexual Harassment Epidemic Plagues Nigerian Tertiary Institutions as Stakeholders Seek Solutions

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Sexual Harassment epidemic rages on in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions amidst pending Sexual Harassment Bill currently awaiting presidential assent, Justice Watch News Investigates Stakeholder strategies to combat the menace.

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The Coordinator of the Nigerian Human Rights Commission in Kano State, Barrister Shehu Abdullahi, has classified sexual harassment as a form of gender-based violence.

He said perpetrators, often holding positions in both public and private institutions, subject victims to unwanted sexual advances without their consent.

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He also said Sexual harassment is prevalent in tertiary institutions and other places like market, commercial vehicles among others.

He further said to address the  menace, Abdullahi proposed several key steps and methodologies.

Firstly, he emphasized the importance of public awareness, stating that many victims are unaware that sexual harassment is an offense that can be reported and investigated, leading to appropriate punishment.

Additionally, he stressed the need for comprehensive policies and legal frameworks within tertiary institutions to ensure full compliance with regulations on sexual harassment.

Abdullahi further emphasized the importance of economic and social empowerment, noting that some victims resort to engaging in such acts to fulfill their basic needs.

He called on security personnel in educational sectors to advocate for the inclusion of well-articulated educational methods in learning curricula for children.

Barrister Abdullahi Shuaibu Babale, the Kano Zonal Commander of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons, (NAPTIP) also spoke on the escalating prevalence of sexual harassment in Nigerian tertiary institutions.

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Babale revealed that perpetrators often employ tactics such as luring innocent young girls through internet and social media platforms.

To combat this issue, he strongly advocated for stiffer legislation and penalties to deter offenders and reduce the prevalence of sexual harassment, alongside an aggressive grassroots campaign.

He suggested implementing educational materials and policies through partnerships with student unions and distribution of informative pamphlets to raise awareness and protection against sexual harassment.

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Aqibu Hamisu, Senior Program Officer of the Centre for Awareness Justice and Accountability (CAJA), highlighted their current advocacy efforts to address the high prevalence of sexual harassment in tertiary educational institutions.

This according to him includes advocating for the assent of the Sexual Harassment Prohibition Bill 2023, currently awaiting presidential assent.

Hamisu mentioned engaging diverse stakeholders, including legislative members, executives, and students, to create awareness and empower students to lead campaigns against sexual harassment in their campuses.

During interviews with anonymous tertiary institution students, they expressed the urgent need for the establishment of gender units within these institutions.

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They emphasized that the units could help address instances where male students harass female students unknowingly through gestures.



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