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Kano Court Sentences Man to 10 Lashes for Pretending to Convert from Christianity to Islam

By Our Correspondent

Kano State Shari’ah Court, sitting in Kura, has ordered that a 30-year-old man, Haruna Abdulkarim, receive 10 lashes as punishment for deceiving others by falsely claiming to be a Christian in the process of converting to Islam.

Abdulkarim was apprehended following a tip-off, as he had been attending both daily and Friday mosque prayers, masquerading as a Christian seeking to embrace Islam and soliciting funds under the guise of almsgiving.

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A resident of  Koguna Ward in Makoda Local Government Area was apprehended by Hisbah personnel in Kura Local Government Area.

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The Hisbah Commander in Kura LGA, Alhaji Ali Alkasim Kura, subsequently transferred him to the Police for further investigation and legal action.

During his court appearance, the accused admitted guilt and asserted his insolvency despite numerous obligations on his part.

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He pleaded for leniency, vowing not to partake in such deceitful acts again.

After receiving the prescribed 10 lashes, the Court cautioned that any recurrence of the offense would result in the imposition of the harshest penalty.

In an interaction with Justice Watch News correspondent following the court session, the offender, Abdulkarim, appealed for forgiveness from all Muslims, particularly those who had supported him.

He assured that he would not engage in such behavior again.

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Prompted by a genuine sense of remorse, he expressed his intention to seek guidance from Islamic scholars to deepen his religious understanding.



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