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Federal Fire Service Advises Against Storing Fuel Indoors Amid Scarcity

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By Ibrahim Khalil

The Federal Fire Service, Kaduna state command has urged the public to exercise extreme caution and avoid storing fuel inside homes, offices, or any other enclosed spaces.

Kaduna State Controller Federal Fire Service UM. Sadiq made the call in a statement issued on Friday, in response to the recent fuel scarcity impacting Kaduna State and other parts of Nigeria.

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He said the call became necessary considering the danger posed by the activities of Fuel Storage for whatever reasons.

He noted that Fuel, including gasoline, kerosene, and diesel, is highly flammable and poses a significant fire hazard.

“Storing these fuels inside residences or workplaces can have devastating consequences, including: Accidental Fires, where Spills or leaks can ignite from open flames, electrical sparks, or even high temperatures.

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“Another factor to be consider is Toxic Fumes, Fuel vapours are dangerous to inhale and can cause respiratory problems, dizziness, and even death.

“Among the hazard to be worried of is Explosion Risk: Fuel vapours can build up in enclosed spaces, creating a high risk of explosion if ignited.” He added.

The Federal Fire Service Kaduna Boss, however noted, “It is in line with this that the Federal Fire Service, Kaduna state command urge everyone in Kaduna State and across Nigeria to avoid purchasing or storing fuel in unsafe locations. If you must purchase fuel due to the scarcity, seek designated storage facilities approved by relevant authorities.”

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He maintained that the youths in fuel reselling business by buying, hoarding, and reselling fuel are particularly at risk.

“These practices increase the chances of accidents and endanger one selves and others. We encourage them to find safer alternative income sources and stop this habit of engaging in an illegal means of fuel reselling business.”

He also called upon Kaduna State Government and other Relevant Agencies to take immediate action to address the fuel scarcity situation and ensure proper storage practices are followed throughout the supply chain.

He emphasized that, “Together, we can prevent tragedies by being aware of the dangers of improper fuel storage. In case of emergency, please contact Federal Fire Service 112, 08032003557, 08024551935.”


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