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NAF Targets Terrorists in Chinene near Mandara Mountains, Allawa near Shiroro

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By Abubakar Abdullahi

Efforts by the Air Components of Operations Hadin Kai and Whirl Punch in the Northeast and North Central respectively, have continued to obliterate terrorists and destroy their structures, equipment and mobility, thus limiting their ability to attack ground troops and innocent Nigerians at will.

At Chinene, a location tucked inside the Mandara mountain area, terrorists were, on 3 May 2024, observed to be emanating from various locations and assembling, probably for a meeting.

Within the same location, 7-gun trucks were also observed parked under trees.

Air Vice Marshal, Edward Gabkwet Director of Public Relations and Information, Nigerian Air Force in a statement issued on Sunday said the air interdiction was authourized and conducted over the assembly area and tree coverings to decimate the terrorists and destroy their weapons and mobility.

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He maintained that after the strike, Battle Damage Assessment footages as feedback received later revealed that the strikes were successful as several terrorists were neutralised and logistics destroyed.

“Similar airstrikes were conducted same day, 3 May 2024, when the air component of Operation Whirl Punch conducted pre-emptive air strikes over terrorists hibernating in Allawa village, near Shiroro in Niger State.”

He revealed that the mission was conducted following credible intelligence, which had revealed the migration of terrorists into the village after the mass exit of locals for fear of their safety.

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“These terrorists had, on 1 May 2024, stormed the deserted Allawa community in Shiroro Local Government Area (LGA) and torched the Central Primary School.

In the evening of the same day, another group of terrorists also arrived at the location, wielding AK-47/49 rifles after invading Galapai village in Galadima Kogo District of the same LGA.

“Accordingly, to prevent further occupation as well as pursue the terrorists from the location, the Air Component scrambled a formation of its platforms to attack the location. On arrival at the location, several terrorists were sighted and engaged effectively.”

Furthermore, he revealed that following credible intelligence as well as detailed aerial observation, which confirmed the presence of their cache of arms hidden inside Allawa Forest, the air component further carried out air strikes at the location.

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“Air strikes were also carried North of Arugbana and Temakiri in the Niger Delta, where Illegal Refining Sites were observed and destroyed.”

“Through this action, the capabilities of oil thieves to continually sabotage and destroy oil pipelines were minimized”


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