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What Is The Truth of The Matter???

Sequel to the interview granted in some Kano-based media stations, by the chairman, Kano state public complain and anti- corruption commission, Muhuyi Magaji Rimin Gado even though the interview was produced at the commission’s studio, through God’s grace I was able to listened to the interview thoroughly and attentively.

What really came to my mind and baffles me which failed to understood is what’s the precise definition of corruption and bribery-taking?

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Not only that, during the conduct of that media conversation, the head of PCCC Barrister, Muhuyi M. Rimin-Gado has been repeatedly mentioning the law established the commission, consequently, I overheard him with my two ears openly saying that all his official conducts being a head of the commission are perfectly in tandem within the statutory laws governing the commission.

Where in addition, he stated the law governing the council gave him the right to have an easy access for entry into every government offices to investigate if there iota of any misconducts.

Surely, we are really gladden by the this commission due to its zeal and determination toward fighting to redeem the confiscated right of the downtrodden.

But during that conversation of how Barrister Muhuyi made quotations of some excerpts from the holy Koran verses and Hadith – the saying of our exalted prophet Muhammad PBUH, this has really pleased my mind, and the gesture of that quotation has gone to the extent of reminding him that God is pious supreme, never accept any deeds unless it is purely intended.

No matter how your good deeds were, in as much as the deeds were not intentionally good, this is synonymous with like a building a sand castle, definitely there is problem of crumbling unnoticed at any time of the day

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I’m calling upon you, the honourable chairman of Kano state complain and anti-corruption commission, Barrister M.M . Rimin Gado being a lawyer and the man of integrity as you’ve been claiming, I’m using this medium to beg you once again to give us comprehensive answers, on the following questions I will ask as follows;

The laws governing the conduct of your commission have stated clearly how to appoint the chairman and members of this commission, and the laws further stipulated that for every person slated to be appointed as Chairman should or must be a retired, senior government civil servant.

The question is, the copy of this law is it still the law which is yet not amended?

Therefore if it is still the unamended law, please I have some questions for you which deserve to be responded with right answers

(1) Please have you ever worked as a civil servant before, if the answer is affirmative, in which ministry did you serve and when did you retired?

If the response is positive, this will make Kano people to reconsider you as trustworthy, and this will immeasurably uplifting your personality to the high pedestal more especially to those whose minds embedded with particles of doubt about your calibre and others who are hell bent to dent you image, your answer will barely put them to shame.

(2) But if you fell short to fulfill this requirement, as widely suspected by many including my humble self, Do you mean you were consciously aware of violating the law of the commission ?

In the light of this, what’s the validity under the law with regards to how you served under the commission?

(3) And also, what’s the title fit named of all the salaries and allowance you received?

Please, the honourable Muhuyi we earnestly craved your full attention to publicly present the form you filled detailing your personal properties before assuming office of former deputy chairman, Rimin Gado local government and after you leaved the office.

And also we need you to publicly present aforementioned details before you assume the chairmanship of this commission , from your first tenure down to the present tenure, as it is officially becomes mandatory for anyone appointed to occupy the position.

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Undoubtedly, falling short to do as required will surely portrayed that there is a profound fiasco shrouded in secrecy, which trace to unravel the cause of the matter.

It is grossly unpurified to wash the clothes splash by gutter discharge with contaminated discharge.

I’m looking forward for your response.


Aminu Abba Kwaru
[email protected]



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