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WAI Urges Peace Ahead of Kano Governorship Election Petition Appeal Verdict

A War Against Injustice, (WAI) an (NGO) has called for peace as the Court of Appeal prepares to deliver its judgment on the Kano state governorship election petition tomorrow, Friday.

In a statement issued by organization’s Executive Director, Comr Umar Ibrahim Umar emphasized the importance of respecting the rule of law and avoiding violence or public disruptions in response to the verdict.

The WAI appealed to all parties involved to exercise patience and remain calm, regardless of the judgment’s outcome.

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It further urged politicians and their supporters to refrain from making inflammatory statements or engaging in provocative behavior.

“Additionally, the security agencies are called upon to remain vigilant in maintaining peace and preventing any incidents that might disrupt public harmony.”

The NGO urged youths not to allow themselves to be used by politicians.

emphasizes the importance of not being manipulated by politicians into acts of violence or disruption.

It called for unity and a commitment to peace and stability, regardless of the judgment.

Comr Umar also stressed the need for all politicians and political parties to respect the rule of law and refrain from any violent or unlawful actions.

He encouraged the proper channels for addressing grievances and highlights the right to appeal to the Supreme Court for those unsatisfied with the verdict.

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He noted that the WAI reiterated its dedication to human rights, good governance, and the defense of the rule of law, stating its commitment to ensure that all parties involved respect the rights of citizens.



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