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The Wike I never Expect

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By Abba Hamisu Sani

Glad to be a resident of Abuja the Federal Capital Territory FCT, glad to have Nyesom Wike as FCT Minister .

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Yes in the past nine years particularly from 2014 to 2022 I frequently visit Abuja from Kano mostly by air as one of my clients that I provide Tv content for them paid the bill on weekly basis together with one or two of my workers at Time Base TvAfrica ,but from the Airport to my hotel all I see then was dust plus harders walking freely around some of the strategic areas of the city.

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But with coming of the former Rivers State Governor Wike who mostly perceived to be a stubborn politician, things have suddenly change overnight.

What I mean by overnight is that the man have change the face of Abuja within one year. I am proud with this development and appreciate the support of Dr. Bunkure, the State Minister of FCT who was the former Commissioner for Higher Education in Kano State from 2019 to 2023.

Without bothering you much ,what really passionate me about this man is the completion of the Abuja Metro rail which was initiated during the second tenure of Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

Serial FCT Ministers couldn’t complete this project but Wike did. From Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport to the National Stadium down to Edu rail station up to the Central area, the main Metro stations, was a lovely journey, free of charge for all passengers including me on 7th June 2024. And according to the plan, the train will be free up to December 2024.

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So Abuja residents like me and Visitors have every right to enjoy this giant project of Wike.

Congratulations Abuja residents and Nigerians by extension.

My hope is to see Kano light rail soon, forget about politics, governor Yusuf come an learn from Wike. As Prophet of Islam (S A.W ) said “Wisdom is the property of a pious man, He should pick it where ever he see’s it”.

Kano need modern transportation system fly overs and under passes alone can not provide the needed solutions.

Written by Abba Hamisu Sani, he is CEO Time Base TvAfrica/Nigerian Bureau Chief Africa Press and the National Coordinator Society For Patriotic Journalism.


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