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Suspension of Senator Ningi: SPEDIN Writes Open Letter to President Tinubu, Senate President

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The Director-General of the Sustainable Peace Empowerment and Development Initiative of Nigeria (SPEDIN), Idrith Ibrahim Unguwar Gini, has penned an open letter to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Senate President, concerning the alleged unlawful suspension of Senator Abdul Ahmed Ningi, the Senator representing Bauchi Central in the Red Chamber. Unguwar Gini described the incident as unjust and a blow to democracy.

Read the full letter below:


We, at SPEDIN, Sustainable Peace Empowerment and Development Initiative of Nigeria, along with the general public, were deeply concerned upon learning about the unjust suspension of Distinguished Senator Abdul Ningi. This suspension, which lacks legal justification, is a clear infringement on the rights of the citizens of Bauchi Central, who Distinguished Senator Ningi ably represents, and a blow to democracy.

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Mr. President, we must emphasize that Senator Abdul Ningi was merely fulfilling his constitutional duties when he highlighted discrepancies in the allocation of funds, particularly regarding the #500 million constituency projects and the insertion of unallocated funds amounting to #3.7 trillion in the Budget. His actions were undertaken in the interest of his constituents who are solidly behind him and in pursuit of transparency and accountability within the legislative process.

The suspension of Senator Abdul Ningi not only stifles his right to freedom of expression but also deprives the citizens of Bauchi Central of their rightful representation in the Senate. It is imperative that this unjust suspension be immediately revoked, and Senator Abdul Ningi be allowed to resume his duties in service of the people who elected him.

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Indeed , the trend of using selfish and self-styled rules in both the senate and lower chambers, that allow for suspension of a duly elected representative from the house sitting is unacceptable.

Furthermore, we urge the Senate to make the 2024 Budget available for public scrutiny and to address the concerns raised by Senator Abdul Ningi in a transparent and accountable manner. The Senate must also publicly apologize to the Bauchi Central Electorates especially for this grave error in judgment.

In conclusion, we call upon the Nigerian citizens to remain vigilant and closely monitor the activities of the National Assembly, particularly in matters concerning the Budget process. It is essential that transparency and fairness prevail in the allocation of public funds, and that elected officials are held accountable for their actions and inactions in service of the people they are elected to represent.

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Thank you for your attention to this urgent matter of public importance

Comrade Idrith Ibrahim unguwar Gini ,
Director General, Sustainable Peace Empowerment and Development Initiative of Nigeria, ( SPEDIN).


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