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Still on Almajiri Issue

By Rabi’u Nura Rabi’u

The word ‘Almajiri’ is derived from the Arabic ‘Al Muhajirun’ an emigrant it usually refers to a person who migrates from his home to a popular teacher in the quest for Islamic knowledge.

Social media has now become a table of convolutions to our problems, everyone wants to discuss or cheap in, contribute and even press on all matters, but in the end there will be no solution to the stumbling block.

The problem of Almajiri system can be categorized into systemic and non-systemic, earlier before when parents send their children to schools like the almajiri schools, they tag them along with food items and other necessary need, as most of the parents are traditional farmers at that time, and life was not hard, until the early 2000’s when the entire system begin to change when parents are no longer interested in farming and everyone wants a polygamous house with plenty number of children, then, parents begin sending their children to the main cities in the north to study without attaching them with any items, expecting that those cities are blessed and can be their source of revenue to feed themselves and even expecting a return to be remitted to the parents. But almost all the governments in this 4th republic have done their best to integrate the system so as to make these children learn the Qur’an and hadith in a modern way, but who is halting the process?

All education both Islamic and western are important, and most be thought in a way that will bring peace and development of that society, it’s important to know the ratio that the north requires the western education is proportionate to that of Islamic knowledge and I mean that: this is the only way to understand the true teachings of prophet Muhammad S.A.W peace be upon him, and bring about the peace need, so the government most put all hands on deck to see how it will stop these vexatious act in our society, only if the government did this then peace will return to northern Nigeria and there will be rapid development in the region as the young children will be qualified to be Doctors, engineers among many professional carriers that the region lacks.

The problem with young children roaming and sleeping on the streets and sleeping alongside in the culvert is disgusting and condemnable, and should not be condoned at any cost. But both government and parents are at fault, the government has failed to provide basic amenities needed for an average life in any part of the country, that is why the rural-urban migration is at rapid stage which is very dangerous as there are no enough jobs and works to do, thus; the emigrants fall into anything workable for daily living, the parents also born children whom they cannot feed and secure health care for them.

The systematic failure in the various stages of development is key to all, the government is not putting enough effort and energy to rescue the north, you know whenever we talk about the failure of the system, that means something wrong is done, and it will only be a couple of weeks and there will be no proposed solutions.

The non-systematic failures in the system are the parents whose sole responsibility of taking care of their offspring is bestowed upon, but they neglect and continue to act primitively to the condition, the government cannot cover all aspects alone, but with the help of the society 90% of the problems will be solved.

The federal government and state governments should come together and bring about regulations in the system, I am not against any education, but there should be laws governing from enrolment to graduation of these children in both educational systems. So many countries have done it and have achieved significant changes such Great Britain, Russia and India.

Rabiu Nura Rabi’u
Can be reached at [email protected]



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