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Some Strange Moves Towards Getting Me – Comrade Sa’Id Dakata

The Executive Director, Centre Awareness on Justice and Accountability, (CAJA) Comrade Kabiru Sa’id Dakata has posted on his Facebook page that some strange people are trailing his life.

Details of his words…..

Some strange moves towards getting me, but all is well for now and will always be well, In shaa Allah.

1. On Saturday 17/04/202, my mechanic was driving my car at M.M way Kano around 5pm, four guys on two motorcycles ran towards him. The person at the back of the motorcycle at the driver’s side shouted, “motar ce amma ba shi bane” the person driving the other motorcycle at the other side said, ” mu juya kawai.” They ran faster and disappeared.

2. Today I went to office around 11, the security man (Ibrahim) told me that somebody came to look for me around 8am. The man asked him what time do I normally come to office, the security man told him that I don’t have a specific time of coming to office, he asked him of the time I am alone in the office, the security man said he has no idea, he then collected the security man’s phone number and promised to be calling him. He neither asked the security man of my phone number nor did he call him with his own number.

3. Tonight, around 9:50, the security men of our estate told me that three persons wearing face mask came in a white Honda car. After parking the car at the opposite to the gate, two of them came to the security men and asked of me, the security men asked them to call me but they replied that they didn’t have phone with them, after some seconds, they told the security men that they will come back. They went to their car and drove away.

I’m bringing this to the notice of all concerned, I’m discussing it with my lawyers for proper action.



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