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Photos: Kano Koroso Dancers exhibit enthralling performance at INAC Expo 2023

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By Abdullahi Lamido Ahmad

The International Art and Culture Expo 2023 (INAC Expo 2023), held in Abuja from September 7th to 9th, marked a momentous occasion of cultural unification, with participation from various countries and nearly most of Nigerian states.

The theme for the expo is “Networking Nigerian craft to the world”.

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This year’s INAC Expo 2023 brought together a diverse array of cultures, showcasing the rich tapestry of global and Nigerian heritage.

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The event witnessed a remarkable display of unity and creativity, underscoring the power of art and culture in bridging divides.

INAC Expo 2023 saw the active involvement of several countries, contributing to the event’s international flair.

Delegates from these nations added their unique cultural perspectives, fostering a sense of global togetherness.

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Most of states in Nigeria participated in the Expo, demonstrating the commitment to celebrating the nation’s cultural diversity.

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It served as a platform for states to highlight their distinct traditions and artistic talents.

The presence of Ladidi Ibrahim Garko Commissioner for Tourism and Culture, her Permanent Secretary, Hajiya Aisha Khailani, Executive Secretary Arc. Ahmad Abba Yusif added prestige to the event.

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Their active involvement underscored the event’s dedication to promoting and preserving its cultural heritage.

The Expo featured mesmerizing cultural performances, including a captivating display by Kano state Troup ‘ Koroso Dance.

Their presentation left the audience spellbound, showcasing the depth of Kano cultural treasure.

The exceptional craftsmanship on display at INAC Expo 2023 received special recognition.

Artisans and their exquisite handcrafted creations garnered well-deserved attention, highlighting the importance of preserving traditional skills.

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INAC Expo 2023 celebrated the harmonious coexistence of cultures, fostering cultural exchange and mutual understanding.

This event served as a testament to the enduring power of art and culture to unite people from diverse background.


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