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Operation Lake Sanity 2 Continues Despite Terrorist Propaganda

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As Operation Lake Sanity 2 progresses, the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) is addressing recent propaganda spread by ISWAP terrorists urging Kukawa and neighboring communities to flee or face attack.

Unfortunately, some media outlets have inadvertently amplified this message, overlooking its implications.

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Lieutenant Colonel Abubakar Abdullahi
Chief Military Public Information Officer
N’djamena, Chad made this known in a statement

He said this reprehensible propaganda is a blatant act of intimidation, a desperate move by a group on the verge of defeat, stressing that multinational troops intensify operations, such propaganda is likely to increase, making it crucial for communities to remain steadfast, vigilant, and confident in their safety.

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He explained that “The MNJTF and Nigerian Operation HADIN KAI troops are firmly committed to safeguarding Lake Chad Basin communities.

“They are actively pursuing Boko Haram terrorists, moving swiftly and decisively to neutralize any threats.”

Lt Col Abdullahi maintained that their presence and continued operations serve as a robust shield against this menace.

He pointed out that “The terrorists’ so-called ultimatum is a clear sign of their frustration and diminishing power.

“Their capability to conduct ground operations has been significantly impaired, pushing them towards using scare tactics like Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) at every opportunity.”

He revealed that by issuing such threats, they aim to spread fear and disrupt the lives of Lake Chad Basin residents.

“It is crucial not to succumb to their tactics but instead to demonstrate resolve and fortitude.

The Public Relations Officer urged the residents of Kukawa and neighboring communities to remain united and vigilant.

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He further enjoined them to report any suspicious activities to the troops immediately.

He emphasized that collective vigilance and cooperation are essential during Operations Lake Sanity 2 and beyond.

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He further emphasized that “Our unity is our strength, and together, we can ensure the security of the Lake Chad basin region.”


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