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No Minor Offenders In Kano Custodial Facilities – CPRO

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The attention of the Nigerian Correctional Service Kano Command has been drawn to a malicious and false report from a section of the Media that a Minor is presently in custody of one of its Facilities.

SC Musbahu Lawan K/nass Corrections Public Relations Officer, (PRO) Kano Command made the debunking on behalf of the Controller of Corrections Kano

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He said “For the avoidance of doubt the Command Categorically States that it has no Juvenile offender in any of its Custodial Centers which are exclusively designated to keep inmates aged 18 years and above.

He maintained that, “To set the records straight, the said inmate presented in the misleading report has been Confirmed to be presently 19 years and 2 months old.”

The CPRO continued, “He was remanded in the said Custodial Center for the offence of Armed Robbery by Chief Magistrate Court (CMC) Gyade-Gyade Kano on 26/January 2023 When he was 18years and 6 months old.”


Revealed that “the Command wishes to inform the public that in no circumstances does it admit minor into its Facilities as such Classes of offenders are usually refered to either Bostal Training Institute or Remand Home Goron Dutse located in Kano.”

SC Musbahu explained that “It is our duty always to Reform, Rehabilitate and Reintegrate offenders back to the Society by rebranding their lives to become productive and responsible Citizens upon release.”

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He emphasized that “It is obvious that the said report is a tactics coined to evade and disrupt the course of Justice.”

He pointed out that” Therefore the command calls on reporters and Media persons to verify and confirm tentative report before going to press.”

He stressed that “the Command’s Public Relation Officer is always available and should be contacted for Confirmation of report to avoid misleading the Public ,most especially on sensitive issues that pertains to National Security.”

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He added that, “The Command therefore enjoins the general public to disregard and discountenance of the report as a figment of the imagination of the reporter. We are therefore calling on the general public to support the Command as we work towards protecting them and making the society safer.”




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