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Law firm demands retraction of defamatory publication against client …threatens legal action

A law firm, U.U. Chamo and Ismail legal practitioners, has threatened legal action over alleged defamatory publication against the suspended Director General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, Capt. Musa Nuhu.

In a pre-action notice filed on behalf of Mr Nuhu and addressed to the publisher/editor-in-chief of the company, the principal partner of the firm, U.U. Chamo, said the claims contained in the report were unfounded, false, and injurious to his client’s reputation.

Mr Chamo said the report, which was published on May 17 and insinuated that Mr Nuhu would be arraigned in court by the EFCC, was misleading.

He added that the report created the conclusive impression that Mr Nuhu’s suspension from office was a direct result of an established graft allegation.

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“We act as counsel to Capt. Musa Nuhu, the substantive Director General of the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, hereinafter referred to as “our client.” We have our client’s authority to write this notice.

“This letter serves as a formal pre-action notice concerning the defamatory statements published on your platform titled “EFCC to arraign suspended NCAA DG, Nuhu on graft allegations” on the 17th May, 2024.

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“Your news piece, not only entirely unfounded, contains several statements that are false, misleading, and injurious to our client’s reputation, including but not limited to:

“Establishment of culpability in a graft allegation: The claim that Capt. Nuhu is to be arraigned by the EFCC on graft allegations suggests establishment and a prima facie case warranting arraignment.

“Suspension Due to Investigation: A conclusive impression that our client’s suspension was a direct result of an established case of graft allegation,” the letter partly reads.

While noting that the statements are factually incorrect, Mr Chamo said they have caused significant harm “to our client’s professional reputation and personal well-being.”

He therefore demanded the retraction of the publication and the story link taken down within 72 hours.

“Be educated thus that under Nigerian law, defamation occurs when a false statement is made about someone, published a third and causes injury to the subject’s reputation. Your publication, in our informed judgement, meets all these criteria.

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“Accordingly, we demand that your aforementioned publication be immediately retracted and link thereof taken down within 72 hours of your receipt of this notice.

“Take notice that failure to do as herein demanded, results in robust lawsuit against your company to enforce our client’s demand,” Mr Chamo added.


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