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Kumbotso Council Boss Challenges Kano Commissioner over Attempt to Dissolve Mariri Kolanut Market Leadership

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The Chairman of Kumbotso Local Government Area, in Kano State, Hassan Garba Kauye Farawa on Friday condemned the recent attempt by Kano State Commissioner of Commerce, Trade, and Industry, Abbas Sani Abbas, to remove Alhaji Salisu Auwal (Dan Alaye), the Chairman of Mariri Colanuts Market.

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In a statement personally signed by the Kumbotso Council Chairman, Alhaji Garba Kauye Farawa, dated 13th October said Mariri Colanuts Market serves as pivotal trading center within local community, which is significantly contributing to the local economy and the livelihoods of many.

He said that the sudden attempt to remove the market’s Chairman raises concerns about the market’s stability and future.

“I urge all stakeholders to engage in constructive dialogue and collaborative efforts to address any concerns regarding the market’s administration. Finding a resolution that ensures the market’s continued prosperity and stability is paramount,” Chairman Farawa stated.

In the statement, the Chairman said he is committed to fostering a harmonious and business-friendly environment for traders in the region.

“We appeal to the State Government, led by Eng Abba Kabir Yusuf, to consider the broader implications of such actions on our local economy and the well-being of our residents.”

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“We are open to discussions and cooperation with all relevant parties to reach an amicable and sustainable solution. Unity and understanding can preserve the vital role of the Mariri Colanuts Market in our community. He maintained.

Furthermore in the statement, the Chairman denounced the violent act committed by unknown individuals from the Kano State Ministry of Commerce, who allegedly led a group of thugs to forcibly enter the office of the current Chairman, confiscating his property and important documents.

“This action challenges the Chairman’s authority as the chief security officer in the area. We call upon Alhaji Abbas Sani Abbas to reconsider any plans that may disrupt the peace at the Mariri Colanuts Market.

“We remain committed to upholding peace and security in our community and will take all necessary measures to ensure that justice is served.

” We assure you that the Mariri Colanuts Market belongs to Kumbotso Local Government, not the Ministry of Commerce.

When contacted Abbas Sani Abbas, Kano State Commissioner for Commerce, Trade Mine and Industry  on the allegations, he denied using force to remove the leadership of Mariri Kolanut Market.

He said the issue is about tenure elongation and over staying in power, contrary to the position of law governing the conduct of the market.

He stressed that Kumbotso Council Chair has no power to dictate what will happen in Mariri Kolanut market, stressing that control, funding of the market is vested in the ministry of commerce, Trade, Mine and Industry not local Council Chair.

He added that the new Executives have been sworn in after consensus.

He urged marketers in the market to abide by rule and regulations governing the conduct of the market.



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