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KCSF Calls For Peaceful Resolution Amidst Journalists’ Boycott In Kano Govt’s Activities

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The Kano Civil Society Forum (KCSF) has expressed its concern about the ongoing dispute between the Kano State Government and the Correspondents’ Chapel of the Kano State Council of the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ).

In a statement by Salisu Gambo Dettol Publicity Secretary-Elect Kano Civil Society Forum (KCSF) believed that a free and independent press is essential for a healthy democracy and are committed to finding a peaceful resolution to this issue.

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“We have been closely following the developments and understand the frustrations of the journalists. The developments are worrisome, especially at a time like this when both party’s services cannot be undermined.”

In the statement, the Forum said, “We believe that open dialogue and mutual understanding are the keys to resolving this conflict. We call upon both parties to engage in constructive discussions and find a way forward that respects the rights and concerns of all stakeholders.”

The KCSF urged the Kano State Government to take immediate steps to address the grievances of the journalists and ensure that they can perform their duties without fear of repercussions.

It similarly called on the journalists to maintain a professional and peaceful approach throughout this process, stressing that both sides must work together to find a solution that upholds the principles of press freedom and good governance.

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“The KCSF is confident that with goodwill and a commitment to dialogue, this dispute can be resolved in a manner that benefits the people of Kano State and strengthens the relationship between the government and the media.”


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