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Kano NMA Raises Concerns Over Healthcare System, Worker Safety

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The Nigerian Medical Association (NMA) Kano Branch has expressed concerns regarding the operations of the Health Management Board (HMB) and the overall state of the healthcare system in Kano State.

The Chairman of the Branch, Dr. Abdullahi Suleiman and his Secretary Dr. Abdurrahman Ali made this known in a statement jointly signed, Friday.

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They said the NMA has observed suspensions within the healthcare system  have raised questions about due process and the confidentiality of disciplinary actions against healthcare workers.

The Branch added that the association advocates for a more discreet approach that respects due process and protects healthcare workers, especially considering the increasing violence they face.

In the statement, the NMA Kano highlighted systemic issues such as poor remuneration, inadequate equipment, and insufficient consumables in hospitals, which not only affect healthcare professionals’ motivation but also the quality of care for Kano State residents.

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The Association pointed out that, recent assaults on healthcare workers have been a significant cause for concern, impacting their morale and sense of security.

In the statement, the NMA Kano maintained that the Association is actively seeking legal recourse in cases where their members have been attacked while on duty.

In response to these challenges, the NMA Kano urges the HMB to prioritize healthcare worker well-being and calls on the Kano State Government to implement comprehensive healthcare system reforms.

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This includes expedited upgrades to salaries and allowances to recognize and motivate healthcare workers.

The NMA Kano emphasized that the health and safety of healthcare workers, as well as the well-being of the people they serve, are paramount.

Dr. Abdullahi Suleiman, Chairman, and Dr. Abdurrahman Ali, Secretary, have made a call to action for the HMB and the Kano State Government to address these pressing issues and work towards meaningful change in the healthcare system.


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