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Kano MP, Doguwa Advocates for Local Government Autonomy

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By Ibrahim Khalil

The House of Representatives Committee Chairman of the Downstream Petroleum Committee, Alhaji Alhassan Ado Doguwa, has stressed that the issue of Local Government Autonomy in Nigeria is no longer negotiable.

In a chat with Newsmen in Kano, Doguwa emphasized that local government autonomy is crucial for effective governance.

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He stated that “Everyone should understand that local government autonomy is non-negotiable. We must work diligently to grant local governments full powers of control.”

Doguwa, who appeared in traditional regalia, further highlighted the impact of dysfunctional local government areas on the country.

He attributed insecurity, poverty, and lack of development to the current state of local governance.

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Regarding the controversy surrounding local government dissolution, Doguwa maintained that it remains a subject of litigation.

However, he urged legislators to prioritize local government autonomy, emphasizing its role in strengthening democracy.

The House of Representatives has played a significant role in passing crucial bills, including the Petroleum Bill.

Doguwa believed that achieving local government autonomy will contribute to Nigeria’s progress and restore citizens’ confidence.

He concluded, “Let us go the extra mile to ensure that local government autonomy becomes a reality. I call upon the Speaker to personally chair the Constitutional Review Committee, and together, we will work our magic.”

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He noted that with full autonomy for local governments, Nigerians can once again feel secure and move freely without fear of harassment or infringement on their rights.


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