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Kano Lawmaker Petitions Governor Over Illegal Construction in Kwankwasiyya Estate

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A Kano lawmaker, Alhaji Salisu Ibrahim Mohammed, representing Doguwa Constituency in the Kano State House of Assembly, has petitioned Kano State Governor Engr. Abba Kabir Yusuf regarding an alleged attempt to grab land and carry out illegal construction in an area designated in the masterplan for a daily prayer mosque, Islamiyya class, refuse dump, public utility, and playground to serve over 50 houses in Kwankwasiyya City, (Sheikh Isyaku Rabiu Estate)

The petition was signed by the lawmaker and copied to key stakeholders, such as the Chairman of the Kano Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption Commission, Assistant Inspector General of Police for Zone One in Kano, Director of the DSS in Kano State, Commissioner of Housing, Managing Director of KNUPDA, House Committee on Public Complaints and Anti-Corruption in the Kano House of Assembly, and the ICPC office in Kano.

Justice Watch News Land
Reserved land for mosque, islamiyya school, dump refused and play ground.

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In the petition, Alhaji Salisu Ibrahim Doguwa identified himself as a Resident of the Kwankwasiyya Estate and Owner of House No. 466 Garba Ibrahim Diso Street in the Estate.

He mentioned that he moved into his house in September 2021, overcoming various challenges, and that despite everything, they have managed to maintain peace and prosperity.

He explained that, “At then I realized there was an open space (piece of land) in the Masterplan meant for five daily Prayer Mosque, Islamiyya Class, Refuse Dump, Public Utility and Play Ground to cater for more than 50 houses. With this belief in mind and the fact the people were praying on the Road, I therefore suggested and implemented erection of a temporary structure to serve as a Mosque and Islamic school pending when the relevant authorities will give us the go ahead to build a permanent structure. We got several pledges by well spirited individuals to build permanent Mosque and Class but since there was no for such we asked to wait.”

He further explained that about 3 weeks ago while he was away between Abuja and Kaduna for a training, he was informed that a developer has brought sand, gravels and blocks to erect
structure on the open space.

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“This made us fearful because such development
deprive us of place of worship, education for the children and social interaction as well as cleanliness of our world class Estate.” Doguwa said.

“However, I contacted the Managing Director of Kano State Housing Corporation who told me that he personally went with his staff to stop the development but the developer insisted on developing the piece of land despite the Managing Director’s intervention.”

According to him, this scenario is of great concern to him as a resident of the esteemed Estate, stressing If the piece of land is used as specified by the masterplan will be of great benefit in terms of religious, educational, hygienic and social interaction advancement among the residents.

He added that as a law abiding and patriotic citizen of the state, “I feel I should bring the attention of His Excellency to this issue. I will wholeheartedly accept whichever decision you take on this piece of land. Sir, to show you how passionate I am on this issue as it affects the public”

The lawmaker conveyed to the Governor that his youngest child, a 25-year-old law graduate, and grandchildren reside with their parents. However, stressed that  his primary concern in the matter is the well-being of parents who live in the area and have young children who should be able to access quality Islamic education, moral guidance, and a suitable environment for interacting with their peers.

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He continued, “I pray God Almighty will make us to do something positive on this issue so that our names will be written with golden Ink by History.

“Your Excellency, I would deeply appreciate it if this matter could receive the necessary attention, and if feasible, kindly instruct the relevant authorities to notify us either to dismiss the concern from our minds or to anticipate your customary focused and compassionate intervention.

Should there have been a modification to the original masterplan’s intent, I would be thankful to be informed so that we may explore alternative locations for these purposes to enhance the quality of life in the estate.


I remain a loyal citizen of my great state, Kano.
Yours faith fully and respectfully,” Alhaji Salisu Ibrahim Doguwa urged.

“Your Excellency Sir, I would be highly grateful if this issue will be given the desired attention and if possible direct the appropriate bodies to inform us to either put off the issue out of our mind or be hopeful of your usual focused and humane intervention. In case there was change of purpose on the original masterplan I will respectively be glad to know so that we can seek for alternative space for such purposes to make life much comfortable in the Estate.” The Lawmaker concluded.

Justice Watch News Masterplan
Kwankwasiyya Estate Masterplan

Speaking to reporters about the situation, the Salisu Doguwa also mentioned that the individual behind the purported illegal acquisition of the land has filed a complaint with the police, accusing him of withholding access to the land.

He revealed that he has responded to the AIG Zone 1 invitation, and went along with the original masterplan of the Estate, indicating that the area was reserved for Mosque, Islamiyya Class, dump refused and play ground.

He confirmed his readiness to pursue the issue through all available channels, unless the Government communicates to the residents that the masterplan has been altered from its original intended purposes, stressing that in such a scenario, he would comply as a law-abiding citizen.

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Meanwhile, when contacted, the Managing Director of Kano State Housing Corporation, Abdullahi Rabiu, stated that he would not comment on the issue as the petition is currently with Kano State Governor, Alhaji Abba Kabir Yusuf.

Justice Watch News Masterplan
Masterplan Kwankwasiyya Estate

However, he mentioned that the Governor had already instructed him to ensure that the permanent structure would not be tampered with.


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