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Kano Correspondents’ Chapel lifts boycott on coverage of government activities

The Correspondents’ Chapel of  the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ), Kano State Council has informed the general public that it has lifted its ban on coverage of Kano State Government activities, with immediate effect.

A statement issued by the Chairman of the elite body, Alhaji Aminu Ahmed Garko, shortly after its emergency Congress meeting to review the 14-day-old boycott, explained that the decision to blacklist government activities was taken to protest Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf’s administration’s handling of issues affecting its members and the journalism profession in general.

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The statement said: “The chapel has however come to realize that the boycott has had unintended consequences on its members’ actions, particularly during this time of crisis in Kano.”

“As journalists, our constitutional mandate is to inform the public and hold those in power accountable, but our boycott has limited our ability to fulfill this mandate, and we have come to realize that it is the public that is suffering the most from our absence,” Garko said in the statement.

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Part of the resolutions of the chapel read thus : “We are aware that our boycott has created a vacuum in the reporting of government activities, and we do not want our absence to be exploited by those who peddle fake news, and seek to misinform the public.”

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“After careful consideration, we have decided to call off the boycott and resume our reportage of government activities. We believe that our presence at government events and activities is crucial in ensuring that the public is well-informed.”

“We want to assure the public that we will continue to hold the government accountable for its actions, but we will do so in a manner that does not harm the public interest.”

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“We appreciate the understanding and support of the public during this period and promise to rededicate ourselves to our constitutional mandate of informing and educating the public.”

“We hope that our decision to call off the boycott will be seen as a positive step towards resolving the issues that led to our boycott in the first place, and we look forward to working with the government to address the issues that affect our members and the journalism profession as a whole,” the chairman added.


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