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Just In: Tribunal Orders APC Lawyer To Apologise Over Violations Of Process

Kano state Governorship Election Tribunal on Tuesday, ordered the All Progressive Congress (APC) Lawyer to apologise for violation of court process.

The development followed legal fire works between the APC, and NNPP legal team over the inability of the former to serve the court process on Abba Kabir Yusuf, and the New Nigeria People’s Party.

The Tribunal Chairman, had observed that the motion filed by APC was not duly signed and accordingly ordered its Counsel, Mr Omoloron to apologize.

The Chairman stressed that “Tribunal is time bound and we are very serious here, how can you file motion that are not duly signed, it is your case we will not guide you. But you have to sit up, Tribunal is time bound,”

APC Counsel, Mr. Omoloron, thereafter apologized to the court on behalf of the Petitioner.

Earlier, Counsel to the APC, Mr Omoloron in two exparte applications told the court that there were several attempts by the Petitioner, (APC) to serve court processes on the respondents but proved abortive, cited Lugard House, Nassarawa GRA and Sharada Road as locations of the Respondents.

In response, a member in the NNPP legal team, Barrister Bashir Yusuf Muhammad opposed the submissions of APC legal representative, Barrister Sunday Omoloron that NNPP and Abba Kabir Yusuf are dodging court processes.

Bashir Yusuf Muhammad Esq stressed that the respondents are ready to accept court processes and defend their victory of the governorship poll conducted in Kano on 18th February 2023.

Apprently, as a friend of the court, Barrister Bashir Yusuf Muhammad introduced himself as member of NNPP legal team and submitted that there was misrepresentation in the submission of APC counsel that Respondents were dodging service.

He argued that there was no any attempts by the APC to serve all the respondents.

The counsel told the court that “As a lawyer I ought a duty to come and furnish with the court what is happening. We’re ready to accept the service,”

The counsel also told the court that if the Petitioner doesn’t know where to locate NNPP and Abba Yusuf he is ready to go and show them their state Secretariat.

In his response, counsel to the APC urged the court to struck out the two earlier motions exparte he filed before the Tribunal with the wrong NNPP,s address to enable him sort it out and serve the respondents, using the address provided by Barrister Bashir Yusuf Muhammad.

Justice Watch News earlier recalls that APC filed its petition, challenging the victory of Abba Kabir Yusuf of NNPP during the Kano Gubernatorial poll conducted in Kano.

The Party in its three – volume petition prayed the court to declare that Abba Yusuf is not qualified to contest the election, his name was not being in the list of members of NNPP sent to INEC.

APC similarly praying the court to declare that NNPP did not win the election with the majority of lawful votes because some of the votes cast for them are invalid and if removed from their scores, APC will have the highest number of votes.

The Petitioner is further praying the tribunal to declare that the Kano Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) was wrong in declaring Abba Yusuf the winner because the margin of lead is not higher then the votes cancelled and so should have declared the election inconclusive.

According to rule of the Tribunal, the Respondents have 21 days to respond to the petition after they are duly served.



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