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Israel, Netanyahu, and the Creation of a Future Nemesis

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By Hassan Sani Indabawa

The Zionist regime under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu has, by the ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, revealed the murderous nature of Zionism, as far worst than Nazism.

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The ongoing disproportionate military campaign by the Israel against Gaza and West Bank, launched after the 7th October missile attack against Israel, reportedly by Hamas, is a well orchestrated genocide against the Palestinians, far worst than the holocaust.

According to the Gaza health officials, almost half of Gaza’s buildings have either been damaged or destroyed, and about 85% of the Gaza strip’s 2.2 million people have fled their homes, most of them to the south and more than 21,000 Palestinians have been killed, most of them women and children.

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Outraged by this heartless and brutal military campaign of the Israel, the world-respected Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, recently disclosed that Netanyahu is a war criminal and the world must ensure that he faces trial at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

In a speech to an Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Committee meeting in Istanbul, on 4th December, 2023, Erdogan said the Western nations supporting Israel were giving it “unconditional support to kill babies” and were complicit in its crimes.

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“Beyond being a war criminal, Netanyahu, who is the butcher of Gaza right now, will be tried as the butcher of Gaza, just as Milosevic was tried,” Erdogan said, in reference to Yugoslav ex-President Slobodan Milosevic, who was tried for genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes at a tribunal in The Hague.

Some would argue that with the unflinching and criminal support of the US for Israel, Netanyahu may not be probed or tried. It might be true, but history established that no matter how long it takes, every criminal act of a tyrannical leader, meets with a corresponding recompense. Israel is just 76 years old as a nation and the USA is 247 years old.

Far more stronger nations have had their epoch, with all the attending might and grandeur, but are now weak — both militarily, politically and economically. Some have even been forgotten by history entirely.

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The Ottoman Empire, for instance, had ruled the world for over 600 years; Roman Empire, 499 years; Byzantine Empire, 1123 years; Abyssinian Empire, 665 years etc… The Roman Empire ended with the fall of the Constantinople (Istanbul) in 1453 CE.

Taking this historical context into perspective, where then lies the power and invincibility of both Israel and the USA?

It is already so far obvious that US is in a decline mode. China, Russia, India and perhaps Turkey are emerging to challenge the US’s dominance in economy, military and politics. The West’s inspired “democracy”, as a political template for “less developed” nations to imbibe, has turned out to be a curse, rather than a blessing.

Most of the developing nations practicing “democracy” are yet to attain Uhuru! The western inspired political theory largely results in social disharmony, economic stagnation, endemic corruption and political retrogression in most of the “Third-World” countries practicing western democracy. On the other hand, we see how China, Russia and Iran are performing with their homegrown political systems despite all the US and Western European imposed economic sanctions and political subversion.

With the US war mongering and her double standard in the world affairs, many developing countries are shifting their foreign policies and developmental aspirations elsewhere. While Israeli’s current bloodletting against the hapless Palestinians has not only failed to achieve the goal of total extermination of the Palestinians, it has instead, exposed the Netanyahu’s racist, apartheid and murderous policy against the Arabs.

To underscore the dissent of Israel’s murderous campaign against the Palestinians, dozens of countries around the world have cut off diplomatic relations with the apartheid Israel. Belize this week became the latest to take action in protest of Israel’s tactics, following several countries in the Middle East, Africa and a number of governments in Latin America.

South Africa announced last week that that it was recalling all its diplomats from Tel Aviv “for consultation.” The South African government cited several reasons for the move, including “the refusal of the Israeli government to respect international law” and its “genocidal airstrikes” against Palestinians.

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Chad recalled its chargé d’affaires to Israel earlier this month. “Chad condemns the loss of human lives of many innocent civilians and calls for a ceasefire leading to a lasting solution to the Palestinian question,” Chad’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement released on 4th November, 2024.

Apart from these two African countries, Turkey, Jordan, Honduras, Columbia, Chile, Bolivia, Bahrain and lately Belize are the countries that either recalled their diplomats or entirely cut off relationships with the Zionist regime in protest of genocidal attacks against the Palestinians. Nigeria, with the largest number of black Muslims, is yet to even condemn Netanyahu’s maniacal murder of Palestinians.

In a lame and cautious statement, the Federal Republic of Nigeria called for a “ceasefire” and a “peaceful resolution of the conflict through dialogue.” Nigeria’s Foreign Affairs Minister, in a statement on Saturday, 7th October, 2023, said the Nigerian Government is “deeply concerned about the outbreak of hostilities between Israel and Hamas.”

Nonetheless, Netanyahu has woefully failed in his murderous campaign to drive away the entire Palestinian population from Gaza and West Bank to pave the way for his expansionist crave. The resilience of the Palestinian people has proved to be remarkable despite having lost over 20,000 lives and having over 85% of their buildings and homes either damaged or destroyed.

What the US and Israel failed to reckon is that, Netanyahu’s maniacal bloodletting has only created a generation of hardened and traumatized young Palestinians who witnessed one of the most brutal, inhuman and callous killings and destruction of their every object of value, including their loved ones and their lands, in history.

These generation of oppressed and traumatized victims of the Israeli brutal occupation, and their worldwide supporters, together with all those who stand for justice, are to become the nemesis of both Israel and the USA.

They shall indeed be the forces that would stand against oppression, injustice and drive away the occupiers together with the corrupt cowardly Arab and Muslim leaders.

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That moment may just be some few weeks, months, decades or even a century; but it will certainly happen unless the world punish Netanyahu for his brutal genocidal attacks and ethnic cleansing against people whose land was criminally stolen to appease the insatiable crave of a criminal political organization, Zionism!

Indabawa is the Chairman, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC), Kano State Chapter.


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