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Inmates Urge Kano Govt. to Implement Educational Programs

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Inmates of Composite Custodial facility in Kano state have called on the Kano state government to support them by providing classrooms and other educational facilities for them in custody.

The inmates made this plea when the Chairperson of the Kano state Committee of Prerogative of Mercy, Hajiya Azumi Namadi Bebeji took a tour of the three (3) Composite Custodial Centres in Kano state command in furtherance to the mandates of the committee.

During her interaction with the inmates, the Chairperson received complaints of lack of educational programmes for inmates as found in other Custodial Centres in the state.

Therefore, the inmates requested the State Government to intervene and assist the Nigerian Correctional Service in this direction.

The inmates also expressed happiness and gratitude for registering about 38 Inmates who sat for the NECO Senior School Certificate Examination as well as NBIS last year.

They requested that inmates in the rural Composite Custodial Centres should also enjoy from this initiative.

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The inmates also requested for vocational workshops and equipment to enable those who have no aptitude for formal education to learn skills and trades.

Also, they requested for speedy dispensation of pending cases because this would address overcrowding in the facilities.

The chairperson, Azumi Namadi Bebeji, in her response assured the inmates of the governor’s readiness to improve their welfare.

She went further to assure them that Engineer Abba Kabir Yusuf, the Governor of Kano state has the mandate of providing succour to the less privileged through empowering the youths to be self-reliant.

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She therefore called on them to continue to pray for the State Government, while imploring them to be law-abiding citizens before and after discharge from lawful custody.

SC Musbahu Lawan K/ Nassarawa Corrections Public Relations Officer, (CPRO) Kano Command in a statement noted that the Controller of Corrections Kano State Command Suleiman M Inuwa thanked the Chairperson Hajiya Azumi Namadi bebeji for her zeal determination and total Commitment to humanity more especially the inmates in the Kano State.


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