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I just dey reason, Nigeria We hail thee

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By Abdulgafar Oladimeji

Nigerian government want to build new more correctional centres, I think what ought to be done is to look at the state of congestion in the about 269 correctional centres in across Nigeria. 70 percent of those detained are on holding charges , many are inside the walls because they cannot afford to pay option of fine as little as N20,000, twenty thousand naira.

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We have those who have repented from their penal sins.

There are those who have spent more time than they would have ordinarily spent in detention, even if they were convicted as charged.

Nigerian government spends about 14,000,00 to feed each prisoner per day, though this is unverified , hmm.

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The government should confront the issue, which is economic downtrend that is eating us deeply.

Finland is looking for prisoners, Nigeria is building more homes for inmates .

Social justice is the answer, a corruption ridden judicial.systen and well equipped to dispense timely and judicious verdicts can help a great deal.

Use of community paralegals will be helpful, Nigerian lawyers will not want to hear this, right.

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One thing I am certain though about is that the crown is and was crafted and installed to protect the aristocrats and elites , such as journalists , accountants, lawyers, engineers police officers, military personal , religious leaders and judges, who are all the working tools of the aristocrats , then use them to make sure the proletariat are kept in proper check.

What a world, if you know, you know.

Abdulgafar Oladimeji AsCiarb is Sports Law practitioner.


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