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Heavy Rainstorm at Bauchi Trade Fair Claims Four Lives, Damages Property

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By Muazu Hardawa

On the evening of June 1st, 2024, at about 0900pm Bauchi Metropolis experienced a severe rainstorm accompanied by strong winds.

The IBB Square, which hosts the just concluded North East Trade Fair, was significantly affected.

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The storm caused damage to the Gombe and Yobe States pavilions and several business tents within the trade fair complex.

Following the incident, emergency response teams, led by the police and other security agencies, swiftly initiated search and rescue operations.

Tragically, five individuals were found under the fallen structures and were promptly taken to the hospital.

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Regrettably, four (4) individuals, including Abdullahi Abubakar 38 years of Yakubu wanka, Sadik Ahmed Alfa ‘M’ 32 years of Fadaman Mada, Malam Musa from Maliya Furnitures Tudun Salmanu, and Abdulaziz Abdurrahman ‘M’ of Gombe, Gombe Gombe State, lost their lives in the incident.

However, one individual, Fatima Isa ‘F’ 31 years of Inkil, is currently receiving medical treatment and showing positive signs of recovery.

The authorities have taken the necessary steps, including depositing the deceased individuals at the mortuary, to address the aftermath of the storm.

Additionally, efforts are underway to assess the extent of property damage caused by the storm.

To ensure public safety, a police presence is being maintained at the square to prevent criminal activities in the wake of this unfortunate event.


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