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Group Expresses Support for Restoration of Five Kano Emirates

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The Rano Kibiya and Bunkure, (RAKIBU) Community Development Association has expressed its support for the restoration of the five Kano Emirates.

Addressing Journalists, the Spokesperson of the Association said the essence for the briefing was to inform the general public about the importance of the restoration of Emirates as well as to clear misconception and misperceptions from some quarters.

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The Spokesperson, however recalled that the Group held a similar event Three years ago, noting that the essence was to inform the people of Kano State and Nigeria in general about the Importance of the restoration of the Emirates.

He also said, “In the exercise of our collective freedom of expression, organised this conference so as to emphasised our position on the sustainability of our restored Emirates.

“We should like to make it clear that sustaining these Emirate have the aspiration of the vast majority of our area. Secondly the sustenance is not by any means meant to despise Kano Emirate or any personality as perceived by narrow minded elements,”

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“Therefore our bond of brotherhood would continue to exist between the people of the restored emirates and those of Kano Emirate.” He said.

He further said,  upgrading of traditional rulers is not something new in Nigeria, adding that the promotion of Village heads to District or District heads to Emirs has been a continuous right from the Fulani Jihad to the preşent day.

The Spokesperson stressed that the sustenance of the existing Emirates as well as upgrading of district to emirates should not be viewed with negative political connotation.

According to him, it should be seen as deliberate and conscious efforts to restore and preserve traditional and political autonomy to its historic place, promote our cultural heritage and provide easy accessible traditional machinery for the benefits of all.

“On Account of Rano in particular, Rano has existed as an autonomous kingdom and ruled by several Kings Kwarrarfa and Habe, Rano had continued to be an independent entity with many towns and villages under its domain.

“Infact Rano like Kano was one of the famous Seven Hausa States founded by the legendary of Bawo. Even the Fulani Jihad did not deprived Rano of its Continuous existence as an independent Kingdom. It was the same destructive colonial force that took away its emirate ship in 1908 and reduce it to District status having been forcefully annexed to Kano Emirates.”

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Economically, he added that Rano Emirate constitutes an asset of economic prosperity when its potentials are appropriately tapped and utilized.

Ali wada Rano emphasized that the catalogue of business opportunities in this emirate is agriculture, mining, smelting of solid minerals and tourism cannot be exhausted.

“The emirate is undoubtedly the most suitable destination for entrepreneurs for the smart
vision and mission. Direct and indirect job opportunities are provided.

“The sustainability of this emirate will pave way for the development of additional cities which effectively reduce the chaotic living conditions of Kano city, the Sustenance mnay also lead to the creation of new district thereby making accessibilit to the traditional leaders of the people much easier tourism are enhanced giving rise to investmnents.

Ali Wada expressed happiness, “we are enormously happy that Rano Emirate is free once again. Our traditional authority and independence are restored once again.

“We’re very sure that His Excellency the Democratic Elected Governor who is the Governor of the people that worn election with vast majority and our support, His Excellency Engr. Abba Kabir Yusuf will no doubt not listen to those people calling for the dissolution of our emirates because our people from our emirates voted for him and did not listen to his opponents whose campaign was not to elect him, according them, he will dissolve our progress and we know it is not true, we therefore Call on him to sustain our emirates and bring more
developmental projects for the benefits of the teeming people of Rano Emirate.”

The spokesperson recalled that the former Kano State, a democratic Governor Engr. Dr. Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso has made an attenpt to restore our emirates and of course it was part of his good intentions to people of Kano South.



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