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Elders Forum Charge Tinubu to sell crude in Naira to Dangote Refinery

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As the Dangote Refinery Commences Production, the National Patriotic Elders Forum, has charged President Ahmad Bola Tinubu in the spirit of amplifying the values of Naira sale Crude Oil to Dangote while in return he will also sales in Naira to Nigerians.

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The Elders Forum who commended President Tinubu for ensuring the commencements of Dangote Refinery Production, believes that if Nigeria Government sales crude to him in local currency and in return he sales to the Marketers in the same way, is just the matter of time Naira will regain its lost values.

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Speaking through a released he issued to Newsmen, Thursday, in Kano, the National President of the Forum, Dr. Bature AbdulAziz, insisted that President Tinubu deserves commendation for making the Refinery to becomes a reality, but he said, the Government needs to step up full cooperation with the Refinery helps Citizens.

“There should be a serious working cooperation and understanding between the Government and Dangote Refinery to one ensure that the prices of Petroleum when he fully Commences Production is reduced, secondly to curtail the hyper Foreign Currency rises and stabilize the Naira”.

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He added, “I believe, when the Refinery takes full production all those Nigeria money that are been waste in the names of importing Refined Petroleum will be channel to other important sectors that will boost the living standards of Nigerians”.

Dr Bature AbdulAziz, explained that the actualization of the Dangote Refinery Production, shows that all the promises of President Tinubu will be achieved, “what he requires at this juncture is the patient and understandings of the Citizens”.

The Elders Forum, also urged President Tinubu to gives much emphasis on agriculture, noting that in the whole of the Nigeria 774 Local Government areas only about 20 who do not have active Agricultural activities, as such with given the Sector government attention, it will drastically curtail some serious Insecurities at the local areas.

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In the same vein, Dr Bature AbdulAziz, said Government needs to do more on the issue of Security because the problems across the nation is becoming something else.

He said, “Government, needs to devised new strategy with given Intelligence networking more regards and attention, although we have seen President Tinubu serious efforts but more need to be done to safeguard the lives of Nigerians”, he appealed.


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