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Drug Abuse, Other Vices: NDLEA Operatives Apprehend 81 Suspects in Sani Abacha Stadium

The Joint Task Force, (JTF)  of  National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) in Kano, have apprehended 81 suspects who were involved in drug abuse, mindless thuggery, phone snatching, and other vices.

ASN II SM Maigatari Ag. Public Relations Officer of the NDLEA in Kano, made this known in a statement, Saturday,

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He said the successful operation led by CSN Halilu Muhammad Rabi’u, was conducted on 11th May, 2023 at the Sani Abacha indoor stadium, Kofar Mata in Kano Metropolis.

He said the stadium, which had become a notorious joint for drug abuse and mindless thuggery, was the target of the operation.

Suspects arrested

“The operation was swift and decisive, and it sends a strong message to those who engage in criminal activities that the NDLEA, is committed to eradicating drug-related crimes and other vices in Kano State.”

“The success of this operation is a significant victory in the fight against drug abuse and mindless thuggery in Kano State under Commander Abubakar Idris Ahmad, CN.” He said

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Maigatari explained that NDLEA is working tirelessly to keep Kano State safe and free from the scourge of drugs and criminal activities.

Reacting to the arrest in a chat with Justice Watch News, the Kano Commander of NDLEA Mr. Abubakar Idris commended the officers of the Agency that carried out the operation.

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He described the arrest as an eye opener to all  citizens particularly the children, who have been taken away by bad attitude of substance abuse.

“It is very important for all and sundry to join hands together to ensure that children are not being misused by  merchant of death, those engaged, are doing that for the financial gain, they don’t care about what happen to our children, households and to the society” He explained.

The Kano NDLEA Boss, Idris lamented that the rampant case of phone snatching is going higher day by day, while attributing the crimes drug abuses

He called on general public to support security agencies not only NDLEA to be able to fish out and prosecute the drug offenders and other criminals in the state.

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He added that investigation is ongoing by the Agency to separate the 81 suspects arrested categorically.

“We will identify those who were there to abuse the drug, especially smoking of cannabis sativa, we recovered many in their possession. We will refer them to our counseling rehabilitation department, so that they can be counselled ”

“But in the case of those who were there to sale, definitely we will prosecute them in the court of law. accordingly.” He added.


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