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Coalition Tasks Govts. On Community Dialogue For Peace Building

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Coalition of Northern Groups, (CNG) has appealed to governments at all levels to create a conducive climate aimed at fostering Community Dialogue and Peace Building with a view to the full restoration of security, industrialgrowth and prosperity in the Northern Region and the country as a whole.

This was contained in a Communique signed by Comr. Jamilu Aliyu Charanchi National Coordinator and issued at the end of the CNG’s stakeholders engagement with Northern Artistes, Social Media Influencers and Bloggers towards addressing the insecurity in the region, held in Kano.

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The Coalition also said as a build up to the series of consultations with relevant stakeholders towards surmounting the security challenges facing Northern Nigeria in particular, and the nation in general, the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG), on 30th May, 2024 met with selected groups of Social Media Influencers, Film Makers and Bloggers from the Northern part of the country, with the Theme: Changing the Narratives Insecurity in Northern Nigeria: The Roles of Artistes, Social Media Influencers, and Bloggers in promoting peace and security in the region.

The Interactive Session was unanimously in urging the federal government in particular, to reactivate the well designed and people friendly program of
Rehabilitation, Resettlement and reintegration of all displaced communities throughout the region.

He said the efforts will be geared to educate the citizens on how to support the governments at all levels towards promoting good governance, and addressing societal challenges that will usher in sustainable growth and development.

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The Participants also resolved to use the partnership as a platform to change the mindset of Northern youths, in order to engage them in productive ventures and to avoid any form of involvement in restiveness and criminality, and to call on well meaning individuals to support this initiative.

The Participants reaffirmed their determination to develop narratives that will encourage state governors to look inwards towards harnessing the potentials of the region especially, moden Agriculture, Small-Scale Businesses, that will assist
people of the region to get out of the current socio-economic challenges

While thanking the CNG for the platform availed them to express their voice, the Cream of creative artistes, passionately renewed their appeal for governments at levels to mainstream them in the security restoration scheme finally, and more importantly, by actively agreeing to also promote programmes that will encourage leaders in the region, to unanimously adopt holistic strategies
for integration and mass education, as adopted by the Late Sir Ahmadu Bello towards addressing poverty, illiteracy and provide positive mentorship for the upcoming teeming youths.

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The CNG accept to collaborate with artistes, Social Media influencers and bloggers to support them on a will bring about reconciliation, forgiveness and lasting peace in northern challenge project that Nigeria which is to commence early next week.

The Associations of Northern Artistes, Social Media Influencers and Bloggers, as critical stakeholders in managing public perception, resolved to partner with the aimed at achieving the common goals of changing the narratives about the.current security situation in Northern Nigeria.

The Communique also said at the end of the Interactive Session, participants agreed to partner and explore every means towards changing the narrative in addressing the security challenges facing the region, from negative to positive narratives so as to dissuade the law abiding public from participating in the prevailing social vices;
lt was also resolved, that, collective efforts will be geared in fighting Kidnapping Armed Banditry, Farmer-Herders Conflict, Cattle Rustling, criminal abduction for ransom, Ethno-Religious tensions, Stigmatization, Out of School Children, Youth
Restiveness, Political Thuggery, and Drug Abuse amnong others.

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The Interactive Session, after very exhaustive deliberations, unanimously stressed the need for forging close ties and strong synergy, between and amongst all the three tiers of government, in order to effectively tackle the insecurity menace ravaging the region.

He pointed ouyAfter a detailed review of the recent successes achieved by the security forces in the ongoing fight against the armed bandits, the Interactive Session strongly emphasised the importance of deploying robust and adequate usage of the non-kinetic approach, with a view to mobilizing the participation of the whole of
society in the war against the lingering insecurity challenges.

Participants equally expressed the firm view, that, in line with international best practice, it is wide expected, that governments at levels must rise up to the challenge of providing tangible support and meaningful assistance to the devastated communities to facilitate their speedy recovery.


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