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BREAKING: Kano JSC Takes Disciplinary Actions Against Three Magistrates, One Court Registrar

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The Kano State Judicial Service Commission at it’s 72nd meeting held on the 11th June 2024, has taken disciplinary actions against Chief Magistrate Talatu Makama, magistrate Court No 29, Senior Magistrate Rabi Abdulkadir, magistrate Court No 48 and Senior Registrar Abdu Nasir of Appeal section, High Court kano.

According to statement signed by Baba Jibo Ibrahim, Spokesperson to the Kano State Judiciary, said sequel to the findings of the Judiciary Public Complaints Committee ( JPCC ) in respect to three petitions filed and investigated upon against Chief Magistrate Talatu Makama, the commission has adopted the recommendations of the JPCC which conducted a thorough investigation on the matters and equally examined the chief magistrate’s response came up with the findings that her actions amounts to gross- misconduct i.e making an order to GT Bank to transfer money in the petitioner’s account already frozen, into her personal account which she clearly admitted in her response.

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The Commission also said, The JPCC in the second petition also found elements amounting to Judicial bias in handling matters by the chief magistrate, while in the third petition, the Magistrate’s conduct was despicable of a judicial officer where she was found receiving case and making order to the police even before the case was directed to her.

“Chief Magistrate Talatu Makama is recalled from the bench and relieved of all judicial duties effective immediately.”

The statement added that following the review of the circumstance surrounding the handling of a case between Commissioner of Police Vs Abubakar Salisu, by Rabi Abdulkadir, Senior Magistrate Court No. 48, the Commission found the actions of the Senior Magistrate to amount to Judicial recklessness and therefore the Commission resolved to recall the Magistrate and relieved her from judicial duties for a period of one calendar year.

the statement maintained that, she has been instructed to cease all duties at Magistrate Court No. 48.

The JSC also considered the investigation report on the alleged misconduct of Senior Registrar Abdu Nasir of the Appeals Department of the High Court.

The report confirmed that Mr. Nasir received payments of fees meant for court records into his personal account, which constitutes serious misconduct.

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Consequently, the statement further said the Commission Issued a Strong Warning to Abdu Nasir and also deferred his promotion for one year.

The statement additionally revealed that the commission in its 73rd meeting held on 20th June 2024, deliberated on the petitions received against chief magistrate court 60 manned by Tijjani Saleh Minjibir, stressing that the response to the queries issued were found unsatisfactory.

“The commission viewed the actions of the chief magistrate to amount to serious misconduct and judicial recklessness and unanimously took the decision to recall Tijjani Saleh Minjibir from judicial duties for a period of one year effective immediately. He is to cease all judicial activities and report to the High Court Head quarters for posting.

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The statement pointed out the commission will continue to apply the appropriate sanctions against any erring staff particularly those saddled with judicial responsibilities in order to safe guard the integrity and accountability of the judicial system and maintain the confidence of the public.

The statement maintained, these disciplinary actions underscored the Judicial Service Commission’s commitment to maintaining highest standards of judicial conduct and ensuring the integrity of the legal system.


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