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APC Chieftain Accuses NNPP of Spreading Misinformation about Tension in Kano

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Dr. Ilyasu Musa Kwankwaso, a former Kano State Commissioner for Rural and Community Development and APC chieftain, has alleged that New Nigeria People’s Party, (NNPP) is spreading false claims about Kano State facing serious tension, despite the state being in peace and stability.

Dr Musa Ilyasu Kwankwaso made the assertion at a press briefing held in Kano.

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He emphasized that the allegations were baseless and aimed at creating unnecessary fear and anxiety among the residents of Kano State.

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He lamented that the action was in violation of the Peace Accord that was signed at the Police Command recently part of which has banned such public assemblies.

Kwankwaso further said the peace and tranquility enjoyed in Kano, with everyone going about his daily business is a testament that it is not true that there is any tension in the state.

He maintained that the action was a sponsored protests that are used to falsely create a picture of crises in the state.

He explained that the NNPP is wasting Kano meager resources chasing shadows by taking political issues of the country that are rooted in the Nigerian Laws to ECOWAS, EU, US and other places instead of waiting for the decision of the Supreme Court of the land.

“The worse part of this is that the NNPP is not allowing the teeming masses to rest again, after demolishing their billions of Naira worth of property illegally, they are now sponsoring innocent youths to cause tension and chaos in the state.

“The Kano people cannot be cajoled using sponsored protests because they believe that it is Allah that gives power to whom He wishes and takes it from whom He wishes, and if He takes it from Abba Kabir Yusuf and gives it to Nasiru Yusuf Gawuna, so be it.” He stated

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The APC Chieftain also stated thhese protests were stage managed and deliberately intended to create tension in the state and make it look like all is not well

According to him, recent unfolding events in Kano, following the affirmation of the Governorship Election Petition Tribunal Judgement sacking Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf, by the Appeal Court in Abuja, has become pertinent to draw public attention towards some misleading stories.


He called on the people of Kano State to continue to remain calm and law abiding and await the judgment of the Supreme Court.

It  could be recalled that the NNPP has accused the APC of engaging in Federal might, using manipulations to overturn its victory in the Governorship Election.


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