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An Appaling Sight In The Wake of Tyranny

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By Hon. Yusuf Babangida Sulaiman

The tribunals have in numerous cases of election petitions given commendable verdicts alluding to core points of the law and entrenching systems against absolute non-compliance and non-conformity with the laid down regulations.

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For us politicians, hearts are warmed by victory and drenched in fury by losses. However, we agree, even in the pursuit of self-preservation, that there are clear indications of moral flexibility in certain actions and aftermaths.

It is with deep surprise and wonder that we witnessed a trio of appellate court victors, namely; Umar Yusuf Datti (Kura/Madobi, G/Malam), Idris Dankawu (Kumbotso) and Yusuf Rabiu (Takai/Sumaila), troop to the residence of Nigeria’s former Chief Law Officer and publicly expressed gratitude to him for his role in the upturning of their fortunes at the courts (as depicted by picture).

These persons are of a political extraction that always seeks to emotionally paralyse actors in the political scene with shenanigans of being brutalised by fictitious upper layer machinations. However, today they stand tall in the tyranny of abuse with utmost impunity.

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We recall the vocal threats against the judiciary, the accusations of financial inducement at play when cases were being heard and the emotional vile that took centre stage in the run up to the tribunal judgement in respect of Kano Governorship.

It is no coincidence that this motive is once again rearing its ugly head and zooming deeply into the discourse especially in a case sample where facts of forgery had been established, consequences meted against the forger by the institution concerned, yet the appellate court found a way to upturn such guilt.

Whatever was conceived in the dark of the night will be unveiled in the wake of the morning, as has been revealed by a picture being circulated by NNPP followers with crass impunity and messages of gratitude to Nigeria’s former Chief Law Officer.

The communion of upturned guilt in the image established an appalling sight in the wake of tyranny.

We will be vigilante along the lines of constitutionalism and absolute non-compliance to see how future judgements can be manipulated, and we will protect firmly the covetousness of our judiciary, without threats of murder and needless bicker.

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Finally, I implore Kano citizens to seek full compliance with laws and constitutionalism in the upcoming decisions of the appellate courts, while I implore the APC to note the barrage of saboteurs that speak APC during the day and unwrap the party’s veil during the night in the midst of owls and vultures waiting to feast on carcases.

Hon. Yusuf Babangida Sulaiman
Member Kano State House of Assembly (2011-2023), Gwale Constituency.


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