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Academy Hosts Public Speaking Competition for Secondary School Students

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By Abubakar Adamu

YHUNICH Mentors Academy, led by President Mr. Shamsuddin Hassan, has recently organized and conducted a public speaking competition for secondary school students in Kaduna state.

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The event witnessed fierce competition among various participating schools, with GGSS Independence Way Academy emerging as the winners.

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In his speech, President of the Academy Mr. Hassan said the primary objective of the competition was to boost the confidence of secondary school students in the art of public speaking.

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He also said  the event marked the first of its kind in Kaduna state and garnered significant attention from both within and outside the state.

He explained that some of the  guests in attendance included: Zubair A Zubair from YTWT, Dr. Saratu Binta Audu, Chairman of the Kaduna State Electoral Commission, and the Governor’s education adviser, among others.

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He maintained that their presence added prestige to the competition and underscored the importance of fostering public speaking skills among young learners.

Mr Shamsuddin Hassan noted that the event showcased the impressive oratory talents and potential of the participating students, who delivered insightful and persuasive speeches on a range of topics.

According to him, the atmosphere was filled with enthusiasm and encouragement, as students captivated the audience with their eloquence and presentation skills.

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Mr. Shamsuddin Hassan, the President of YHUNICH Mentors Academy, expressed profound satisfaction with the success of the event.

He emphasized the dedication of the academy to nurturing leadership and communication skills among young individuals in the region.

The president stressed that the public speaking competition organized by YHUNICH Mentors Academy served as a platform for students to harness their abilities and develop vital skills needed for effective communication.

“It is hoped that such initiatives will continue to contribute to the personal and academic growth of students in Kaduna state, inspiring them to excel in public speaking and other areas of life.” He however stated.


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