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Abolishing of Kano Emirates: Don’t Succumb to Pressure, Group Cautions Assembly

By Our Correspondent

Inuwar Masarautar Bichi, a non Governmental Organisation, NGO has called on the house of Assembly not to open way the for those agitating for the abolishing of the four new Emirates created by the immediate past administration of Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje to have field

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In a letter dated 19th February, 2024 which was addressed to the leadership of the Kano State House of Assembly, the Group drew the attention of the House to a demand presented by a Group under the Auspices of Coalition for the Protection of Democratic Rights, demanding for abolishing, scraping or dethronement of the newly established emirate system.

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According to Inuwar Masarautar Bichi, the called has appeared to be a serious setback on the part of Bichi Emirate Council in Particular and the remaining Emirates, stressing that the Group could even be non indigenous individuals who often lack the intimate knowledge of local Customs, traditional and social as well historical antecedent.

“Its our expectations therefore, having observed the fact that we have no known record of breach of peace and order from these Emirates, Sir and this Honourable House members to please avoid considering the self interest of this group who do not represent the opinion of the larger society,”

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Whilst making reference to Bichi emirate in particular and the remaining Emirates in general, it is also important to mention that, we the indigenes of these Emirates are comfortable with the existing five emirates system, customs, traditions and historical antecedent. Promoting Self interest and undue interference in our five Emirates system has the potential to sow the seed of discord among communities, politicians and politics.

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“Furthermore, we want to affirm that our people love their Emirs and Emirates taking any retrogressive tendency action by abolishing the current administrative structure of the current Emirates System will certainly undermine peace, security which could lead to general disenchantment.”


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