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Abduction of Muslim Children: Kano MULAN Raises Concern, Advocates Life Imprisonment, Death Sentence For Perpetrators

Barrister Sunusi Lawan Fandubu, Chairman, Kano MULAN
Barrister Sunusi Lawan Fandubu, Chairman, Kano MULAN.

By Our Correspondent

The Muslim Lawyers Association of Nigeria MULAN, Kano Branch has condemned the alarming trend of a abducting Muslim minors from Kano State and other parts of the Northern Nigeria to Southern Nigeria converting them to Christianity and selling them into slavery.

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Adressing Journalists on the recent dismantling of a human trafficking syndicate by the Kano State Police Command, Barrister Sunusi Lawan Fandubu said the branch set a fact finding committee with a view to adressing the heinous crime squarely.

He also lamented the collaboration of some Christian Orphanages and clinics in the illicit trade, calling on all relevant stakeholders to join hand to fight the scourge.

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The Chairman maintained that recently, the Islamic Human Rights Group, Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC Kano Branch condemned and accordingly calling for an end to it, by issuing a stern warning to the perpetrators, emphasizing that MULAN aligns itself with the MURIC’s call for an end to disturbing practices.

Barrister Dandago equally urged the Kano State Ministry of Justice to ensure diligent prosecution of cases related to the abduction of Muslim minors from Kano State.

He further maintained that is is crucial for the authorities to scrutinize the activities of private orphanages and clinics to ensure compliance with established laws, rules and regulations governing the conduct of an legal and approved orphanage in Kano.

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The Kano MULAN Chairman encouraged media to play a pivotal role in exposing criminal activities especially child abduction and trafficking without partisanship or sectionalism.

He highlighted that, ” Owing to the fact that when a similar incident occurred in Kano about three years ago, a committee of enquiry chaired by Hon. Justice Wada Rano (Retd) was set up and which said committee made findings and submitted its report to the Kano State Government, MULAN, Kano Branch hereby makes a very passionate call to the Kano State Government to implement the said report with a view to curbing this menace,”

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” Kano State should set up a joint task force comprising of Hisbah, KAROTA and the likes in all our motorparks and exit roads of Kano to ensure that all vehicles conveying passengers out of the state are adequately checked with a view to prevent any further abduction of Muslim Children,”

” Community leaders such as traditional rulers, political appointees and the likes should call the attention of Christian Leaders in Kano State to call their people to order,” Barrister Sunusi Fandubu however maintained.

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He stressed the need to ammendment the existing Penal Code, particularly the sections relating to the offences of abduction and kidnapping, to attract the punishment of life imprisonment or death sentence.

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MULAN similarly urged Parents and general public to be more vigilant and take extra measures regarding their children, especially, stressing the significance to know their whereabouts, and not to leave the house without the company of a responsible adult.

” Parents and general public should also not hesitate to report any suspicious persons, group of persons or activities to the nearest security agencies,”

“MULAN, Kano, owing to its special interest in this issue, shall actively follow-up cases related to the issue and ensure that justice is done.” He noted.


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