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A wake up call on Government and Military

By Isyaku Ibrahim

Just some couple of days ago, a tragic incident happened in Gwoza Local Government Area in southern Borno state north eastern Nigeria.

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The dastardly act involvied a female believed to be a suicide bomber who concealed explosive devices in her body and detonated them in the midst of the public.

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The unfortunate incident led to loss of lives of scores of people within the locality and it’s vicinity while others sustained various degrees of injuries.

Although up to this time around, no group of individuals or organization has claimed responsibllity over the heinous act but there some indications that shows was the handiwork of Boko Haram.

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It is most unfortunate that this kind of barbaric behaviour is still occurring in this country despite the pledges upon pledges made by the Government on the travail

Absolutely, it was surprising that the sadistic act resurfaced when normalcy is fast returning to the locality as things have started taking shape after years of brutal murder of innocent lives by a set of people in the name of holy war.

Thus, the irresponsible act will by no means caused set back within the community and surrounding areas as nothing developmental will be attained in an area being plagued by unrest.

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Definitely what ensued is clearly sending a signal to government and security formations on the need to restragize so as for face common enemy that has been weakened previously, is at present ganging up for another show down.

Without much ado, heavy burden lies on the Military and other complimentary outfits as it is not over yet
Sincerely speaking, no meaningful citizen will pray for the series of bombing that led to wanton killings and destruction that happened in the past to resurface.

This was as a result of the untold hardship and penury that such problem caused to the greater majority.

As the situation is now a history it is the fervent wish of the generality that such kind of callous act will not reoccurred.

In this light, Government should also help matters towards hastening its rehabilitation process of repented members of terrorist groups with a view to reuniting with their respective families as doing so will surely assist in quelling the reigniting of the upheaval.

On the other hand, it should guard against beating about the bush but rather face the challenges with utmost seriousness and zeal with a view to matching theory with practice aimed at restoring public confidence and hope as no responsible administration would like to see collossal loss of lives of its citizens.

On this note a laudable initiative that tackle restiveness and joblessness should be introduced right from the grassroots.

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Likewise, the wider community to give a helping hand in that respect through feeding the security operatives with reports on the subject matter in order to achieve the required result as security issues which are collective responsibility, will not be taken with kid gloves.

Isyaku Ibrahim is a Journalist and Public Commentator, writes from Kano State Nigeria


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