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Blasphemy Against Abduljabbar: Govt. Lawyers Close Case With Expert Witness


Lawyers to the Kano State Government have today closed their case with Prosecution Witness Number 4, Professor Ahmad Murtala, Head of Department, Islamic Studies and Shari’ah, Bayero University, Kano in a  case of alleged blasphemy against Sheikh Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara.

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It could be recalled that the PW 4 started his testimony in the last adjourned date, which he was called by the Prosecution as an expert witness.

In his testimony, the witness told the court that he did his first degree, Masters, PhD in Department of Islamic studies, Bayero University, Kano.

He said he was recommended and certified to narrate the chain of Narrators of Hadith, teach and translate Hadith’s of Prophet Muhammmad by 6 famous Hadiths’ Scholars in Nigeria and abroad.

Similarly in his testimony, the  Academic Murtala made a translation in Hausa language of Hadith number 5,120 and 5,121 and Sahih Muslim, Hadith number 2,326.

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He told the court that the translation of the relevant Hadith given by the defendant during his teachings were not properly translated.

In cross examination led by the Sheikh Abduljabbar, the witness told the court that he heard the audio of alleged blasphemy against the defendant.

When Abduljabbar asked the witness weather he heard him saying his intention was to detach Prophet Muhammad from negative statement that were contained in both Bukhari and Muslim, The Witness said the word Force Marriage and Rape were not stated in Sahih Muslim and Bukhari adding that the words were concocted by the defendant.

Abduljabbar urged the court to discountenance of the PW’s 4 submission alledging that he was called by Prosecutor instead of the court.

” Acccording to Abu Dawud Hadith Number 3061, an expert witness is not supposed to come from prosecution or defense counsel but he needs to stand as witness of the court alone for the interest of justice”

Abduljabbar similarly urged the court to reject the witness submission alledging that there were contradictory statement in his testimony and didn’t stated facts.

The Presiding Judge, Ibrahim Sarki Yola stated that he will reveal his opinion on the PW 4 and all other witnesses presented by prosecution at the end of the trial.

Mallam Sarki Yola adjourned the case to 3rd of February, 2022 for defense.


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