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DSS Bursts Bank Armed Robbery Suspects in Kano


The Department of the State Security (DSS) says it has bursted a Notorious Banks Criminals “Open Boots”, who specializes in trailing their unsuspecting victims after withdrawing Monies to either possibly Collected it or break their Vehicles to steal the Money.

Parading the Ring Leaders of the Syndicate, the State Director of the DSS, Alhassan Muhammad, said for the last three years the suspects were terrorising Kano and its environs with their dastardly acts.

He said the Ring Leaders of the syndicate who are currently in their custody including, Abubakar Umar, 30, Abubakar Suleiman 38 and Ya’u Abubakar 35,

The DSS Boss in Kano stated the syndicate were apprehended on 2nd November, 2021 after breaking a Motorcycle and do away with N300,000.

“We got them around Ja’en quarters of the Kano Metropolitan City, at a House after breaking the Motorcycle to steal the Money, using our surveillance team who are on ground investigating the problems.”

“For the last three years these guys were operating in Kano, Kaduna, Katsina, Maiduguri and so many other States, and on several occasions they were arrested but get free because of the Institutional weaknesses facing us”.

The Director, hinted that members of the Criminal Syndicates are all over places operating and already they have spread their Men to ensure that they got all of them, adding that at the end of their investigation, they would hand them over to the Police who have prosecuting powers on these kind of cases.

Alhassan Muhammad said, “we have strong evidence against them and their activities could be Robbery because where they could not easy money to collect they sometimes uses forces which have every tendencies to Robbery case”.

The victim whose N300,000 was taken from his motorcycle said without mentioning his Names, that he collected money from Bank and which he want to transfer not knowing he will do it at the bank, but went to POS where while negotiating with the operator the Criminals took away his money.

“I thanks the DSS who were closed by and on surveillance, without my knowledge, they trailed them and got my money back”.

One of the Ring Leaders of the Criminal Bank Gangs, Abdulbasi Umar confesses that he was in the Open Boots Syndicate for the last three years and at a time he dumped it and when to Dubai but he came back and continue with it.

He said in all the operations they conducted, the biggest money he got was l N300,000 and according to him they have never used any dangerous weapons in their operations.


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