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Alleged Killing of Co-wife, Court to Hear Witnesses at Scene of Crime


Kano State High Court presided over by Justice Zuwaira Yusuf has fixed 22nd November, 2021 for the continuation of hearing, in a case between Kano State Government against Fatima Dahiru who alleged to have killed her co – wife Wasila Yunusa at Farawa, in Kumbotso LGA.

When the case resumed for hearing, the Prosecution Counsel, Barrister Lamido Abba Soron Dinki called two witnesses Masa’uda Muhammmad and Khadija Muhammmad as Prosecution Witness Number 1 and 2 respectively.

In her testimony, Masa’uda Muhammmad told the court that she is 16 years old, also a student at Pelly International school which located at Farawa.

The witness informed the court that she is Nephew to deceased’s husband.

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She also told the court that on 6th February, 2021 between 1:30 to 2:30pm after she came back from school Mamman Farukh a friend to late Waseela brought food to them, and proceeded to Islamic school after eaten.

Masa’uda testified that she came back home around 4:30pm and heard that Waseela Muhammmad (her Aunty) died.

Masa’uda also said the 4 keys of the house were at the custody of Muhammmad Ilyasu Bala, ( her uncle), Waseela Yunusa, (the deceased), and Yaya Naziru.

The Prosecution Witness Number 1 further informed the court under cross examination, by defense Counsel, Dr. Nasir Adamu Aliyu, Senior Advocate of Nigeria, (SAN) that she cannot give account on what happened in the house after she proceeded to Islamic School.

The witness further stated that she don’t know how many keys were initially brought to the house and equally said a key can be duplicated.

The witness similarly under cross examination told the court that Yaya Naziru can at anytime enter the house freely.

Masa’uda further told the court that she will be surprise to hear that her uncle visit the defendant in Correctional centre.

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She explained that there were to kitchens in the house and according to her any person enter the house can freely access the two kitchens without any difficulties.

When she was led in re-examination by the prosecution, the witness informed the court that there was grudges between the deceased and defendant, stating that they were not on speaking terms

The Court discharged Masa’uda Muhammmad, and consquently called Hauwa Muhammmad as Prosecution Witness Number 2.

In her testimony, Hauwa Muhammmad told the court that she is married woman and 33 years old.

She said she is neighbour and close friend to Waseela Yunusa.

” On 6th February, 2019 around 4:30pm me and my friend went to Mamman Ummi’s house, it was locked but saw Waseela’s gate open, we entered the house, and started calling her name severally but she did not answer.

I went straight to her room where i saw her lying down inside blood. I came out and shouted for help.” The witness told court.

The Witness further testified that when Neighbours gathered, they examined her and confirmed that she died.

The witness, also told the court that the defendant came to her house and told her that they were not speaking with the deceased.

Under cross examination, the witness told the court that the deceased told her they were having misunderstanding with Fatima sometimes.

She similarly testified that she don’t know what happened in the house between morning to 4:30pm on that day.

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She equally testified that she don’t know how many people entered the house on that day

She informed the court that waseela had 2 children in addition with Masa’uda, but their husband shared soap equally among them.

She said the deceased told her that she was not happy with their husband idea of equal sharing of soap with the defendant with her having 3 children against Fatima who had nothing.

She also explained that:
” I don’t know if Muhammmad Ilyasu Bala is still marrying the Fatima. I also don’t know if the he visit her in correctional centre.” The witness explained.

Pw 2, similarly testified that when she enter the room of the deceased, she saw her corpse in full of blood but not sighted any weapon.

The Court discharged her after a prayer by the prosecution counsel, Barrister Lamido Abba.

Justice Watch News earlier reports that the defendant, Fadima Dahiru, a housewife has been arraigned before the Court for allegedly killing of her co-wife, Waseela Yunusa.

A charge sheet alleged that on 6th May, 2019 around 15:30Hrs, Fadima Dahiru allegedly used a sharp object and inflicted injury on the head of her co-wife, who died instantly.

” You did an act within the jurisdiction of this Honourable Court with the intent of causing culpable homicide punishable with death against your co-wife Waseela” the charge sheet stated

Acccording to the charge, the offence is contrary to section 221 (B) of the penal code.

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Barrister Soron Dinki, prayed the court to hear the next two prosecutions’ witnesses at scene of the crime, consquently, Justice Zuwaira Yusuf granted the prayer.


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